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Mio LINK Puls-Sensor

Perfekte Alternative zum Brustgurt!
29.08.2016, Nutze das Teil zum Radeln und Laufen. Funktioniert prima mit der Garmin fenix 3 !
Mio LINK Puls-Sensor

iGrill 2

29.08.2016, ./.

iGrill 2

25.08.2016, Keinerlei Beanstandungen und auch die bemängelten Funktionen kann ich nur als gut Bewerten. Ergo : Bei mir funktioniert alles so wie es soll und auch die BlueTooth Verbindung ist Spitze (S7Edge). Ich würde das immer wieder kaufen. Die Sensoren von Cappec passen übrigens auch :-)

sDock Upgrade Kit - Dock Connector zu Lightning

Super Teil!
11.07.2016, Ich habe das sDock gekauft und bereits montiert. Die Qualität ist beeindruckend, ebenso die Funktionalität. Das Ipad wird sicher gehalten, durch das extra Unterputz-Ladekabel ist ein verdecktes Laden immer gegeben. Und das Ganze sieht auch noch super aus an der Wand.
sDock Upgrade Kit - Dock Connector zu Lightning

QardioArm Blutdruck-Monitor - Wireless

Top Danke
27.06.2016, ./.
QardioArm Blutdruck-Monitor - Wireless

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Get back on track!
The app that helps you live a healthier life

Calories 3

Get to know your food

Get to know your food

Lunch like your mom served?
Real lunch has gone out of fashion. Most people eat little snacks whenever they’re hungry – all day long. You’ll be amazed how much you eat in a day once you start writing it down!

Calories tells you bluntly how many calories your "little snacks” add up to and also gives you the proportion of fat!

You are what you eat...

Pasty and fat, high blood pressure and short of breath?
What and how much you eat has a direct impact on your body. But as our body fights back against the bad care the effects are not immediately noticeable.
Helpful statistics
If you take a glance at Calories’ chronological list of foods you have consumed you will probably notice that you have been eating too sweet, too fatty, too salty or simply too much food. Or you might be lacking vital vitamins or minerals. Calories helps you start taking action against this tomorrow – so you will be able to smile back at your reflection. And simply feel good and healthy.
You are what you eat...
The magical 7000

The magical 7000

About 7000 calories...

are how much you need to eat to put on 1kg (2.2lbs) of bodyweight. That does not happen over night, but after 5 weeks of eating a mere 200 calories too much you’ll have added that kilo of fat. And as you might expect: Fast food will achieve this even faster.

Now for the good news:
The reverse is also true! Losing 1kg (2.2lbs) of body fat only requires you too burn or cut back 7000 calories. But this also doesn’t happen over night. So don’t believe in false promises like "Lose 4kg (8.8lbs) in 10 days!”

You can do it!
Don’t fear the magical 7000! Set yourself small, achievable goals; this will give you a sense of achievement and helps you pull through. Calories calculates your personal calories limit, day by day – until you’ve accomplished your goal. And to prevent the infamous yoyo-effect also for the time after you’ve reached your target.

How do you feel?

Measurements are necessary.
When reducing your weight, you will be taking many small steps. You will want to see their effects and not miss even the smallest of achievements. That is why Calories offers you a whole host of options to measure your body data. You can gather your weight, body fat, blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Use whatever is relevant to your goals and simply hide the rest.

Smart technology helps you out.
If you can’t be bothered to note down all your measurements by hand, you will most likely be delighted by the "intelligent” devices created by Withings and Fitbit or the VitaDock line of products. They all send your data straight to Calories.
How do you feel?
You should get moving

You should get moving

The laws of energy
Actually it’s really simple: Calorie consumption and usage need to be balanced or your body will suffer. Calories follows this principle of balance. That is why you will constantly run into your personal energy balance – as that is what everything depends upon.
Take a few steps more.
Additional activities are the most efficient way of reducing your weight. So boost your exercise. This does not always need to be a trek of three hours - choose what best suits your lifestyle. Calories offers a wide range of activities that help you improve your energy balance.
Track yourself.
The activity trackers by Withings, BodyMedia or Fitbit always let you know your current calorie usage. The data can be sent to Calories in real time, so your energy balance is always up to date.

Everything is connected

Dare to analyze.
Calories includes a so called "analysis”-window that shows you everything Calories knows about you at a single glance. Your weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and your energy balance are displayed using clearly structured graphs. Take a closer look and compare how things have changed over time. You will see correlations and learn new facts about your body. And your successes become clearly visible, too!
Everything is connected
Can be shared and used on the go

Can be shared and used on the go

Calories is available as a family version for several users. Foods can be easily shared by drag&drop. This helps you get moving together.

The iPhone client Cal2Go’s sync-function makes it the perfect addition to Calories. It lets you track your nutritional data on the go and synchronizes it with Calories on the go.

By the way...

In the early days Calories was not a lot more than a nutritional diary. Since then we have improved the app in many areas related to health and nutrition. Calories can now be applied to the following issues:
  • Raising awareness about calorie consumption
  • Focussing on energy balance
  • Clarifying the correlation between calorie consumption, energy balance and body data 
  • Increasing motivation
  • Using intelligent technology for easier body data measurements

These additions have turned Calories into a powerful application that can not only be used for weight loss. 
By the way...


You can take a non-binding browse around Calories: Download a free trial version of Calories in our download area.
The download area also offers additional food databases.

System requirements:
MacOS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 or higher
The app is available in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese.

Calories is a product by danholt, Germany.

Name Calories 3
Manufacturer danholt consulting services - danholt4mac
Type Health and fitness software
Supports Fitness
Coverage Health, nutrition, activity, body a
MacOS Yes
Available variations
  • Upgrade: Calories 2 -> Calories 3
  • Single User-version as download (1 user-account)

No review available

Meine Bewertung
02.12.2015, Veit
Ein sehr gutes, weil sehr nützliches Programm als Ergänzung, für den FRITZ!Box-Benutzer.
Vielleicht ist es Zufall, aber die ständige Passwort-Abfrage habe ich abgestellt, nachdem ich unter den erweiterten Einstellungen TLS/TTL deaktiviert habe.

macht Spass uns Sinn damit zu arbeiten
22.05.2015, K. Dick
Das Programm tut was es soll , es ist eine Erleichterung für meine Arbeit, ohne unnötigen Schnickschnack

Meine Bewertung
21.05.2015, Annetta
Peculiar article, totally what I wanted to find.

Sehr praktisches Paket
11.05.2015, K. Riemenschneider

Sehr zu empfehlen
11.05.2015, M. Meier
Erst mit einer guten Anleitung ist das Produkt vollständig zu empfehlen. MfG. Manfred Meier

About to by a new Mac with Maverick OS-will iStockEx work?thanks

«Yes, it runs on Mavericks!»

Beim Wählen über die Suite erscheinen in der Telefon-Auswahlliste eine Reihe von Telefonen, die in der Fritzbox auch angelegt sind. Leider fehlen die VoIP-Telefone der Fritzbox. Ich kann sie nicht auswählen und daher auch nicht über sie telefonieren. Wie

«VoIP Telefone werden z.Z. nicht von der fritz.mac Suite unterstützt. Unterstützte Telefon-Gattungen sind: ISDN, analog und DECT. Diese müssen unmittelbar an der FritzBox angeschlossen sein und als "Telefoniegerät" in der Box eingerichtet sein. Die Fritz!Box jedoch kann diese Telefone - neben ISDN und analog - mit einer IP Leitung verknüpfen. Es ist daher nicht zwingend erforderlich ein IP Telefon zu verwenden, wenn man IP Telefonie nutzen möchte!»

Calories 3 was recommended to me by my Body Media device. Will it sync with Calories 3?

«Your BodyMedia Armband data can be synced with Calories 3. Simply connect your ModyMedia Account with Calories 3. In Calories 3 Preferences / Users/ Devices you can create the link to the BodyMedia Server.»

can you import the food from the fitbit program?

«No, currently not ...because: Calories' food database stores 44 nutrients per food and is based on the USDA food database maintained by an US governmental institution. More high quality databases are available as free download for german, swiss, italian and danish foods. To make Calories use the Fitbit food database, we would need to offer the entire Fitbit database in a Calories compatible file format. This means to skip support of 44 nutrients per food and to skip support of different languages and local foods. »

Does Cal2Go also run without internet connection on my iPhone?

«Yes, Cal2GO can be used without internet connection when only adding foods or other data. Nevertheless for syncing you will need an internet connection. HINT: Cal2GO will learn more and more the foods you already have used. This is why Cal2GO will store these often used foods and your custom foods locally on the iPhone. You can force the lerning by adding your most desired foods to Calories 3 and sync it all to Cal2GO. After the sync you can delete the foods from Calories 3 and sync again so they will vanish from the meals list BUT remain in the Cal2GO local database!»

Does calories3 have any server syncing or is everything locally hosted? I.e. if I have cavlories installed on my Mac at work and I have a macbook at home, can it be installed on both and have the data shared or is everything simply hosted on the installe

«Calories sync service is optional. It syncs via a server, but it does not store data! We only transfer the changes and all data is deleted instantly after sync. This is why our Sync-Service does not offer a backup and it is the reason why we cannot sync historical data. Only data that has been entered after successful connection two clients will be synced. Yes, it is possible to keep 2 or more desktop clients with Calories 3 installed in sync. Therefore simply set up one client completely with working sync-account. Then create a backup of the Calories database (menu file / backup) and transfer that database to your second client. Launch Calories on that client and load the database (menu file / backup...) and restart Calories. Calories will now launch on this second client with the same data and configuration as on client one and should sync all new entries you make.»

Hallo zusammen,verwende schon seit längerer Zeit das Programm und habe jetzt die aktuelle Version heruntergeladen. Benutze OS 10.7.5Seit dem Up-Date funktioniert die Suche nach einer aktuelleren Version - in den Einstellungen anklickbar leider nicht m

«Bitte laden Sie in solchen Fällen die aktuelle fritz.mac Suite unmittelbar von unserer Website:,21,181001,pdf.html (Paket-Symbol klicken)»

Hallo, ist es mit der aktuellen Version wieder möglich die Software den Anmeldeobjekten (Mavericks) hinzuzufügen, oder stürzt sie dann weiterhin ab so das ein manueller Start nötig ist? Danke und Gruß

«Bitte entfernen Sie die Suite aus den Anmeldeobjekten und fügen Sie erneut hinzu. Meist löst dies das Problem. Sollte das Problem dennoch weiter bestehen, bleibt nur auf den Autostart zu verzichten. Das Problem wird von der Auto-remume Funktion (Wiederherstellung aller Fenster und Inhalte nach Neustart) von MacOS erzeugt.»

Hallo, der Anrufmonitor zeigt nur Adressen als Ergebnis aus der Rückwärtssuche an, nicht aber die aus dem Adressbuch. Das Wählen aus dem Adressbuch funktioniert.

«Zwei Möglichkeiten: 1. Wurden die Rufnummern im MacOS Adressbuch nicht in den dafür vorgesehenen Rufnummernfelder eingetragen, sondern in sonstige Eingabefelder. 2. Fritz.mac Suite hat keinen Zugriff auf das Adressbuch. Siehe auch: MacOS Systemeinstellungen / Sicherheit / Privatsphäre -> Kontakte in der linken Spalte wählen und in der rechten Spalte fritz.mac Suite Erlaubnis erteilen.»

Hello.I bought Calories 2 in February, 2011. Now, I wanted to change some settings on the users preferences, but I forgot the password. How can I retrieve it?

«If you forgot your Calories admin password, please use Apple's to reveal it. Launch and type Calories in the upper right search field. Chosse the found entry from the list, click the i-button and reveal your Calories password by using your MacOS LogIn password.»

Help ! I keep getting Multiple validation errors occurred. I can't get the pop ups off the screen. This is the only app regarding calorie counting that I have downloaded. I want to uninstall the free calorie 2, but I am unable to do so. I was consider

«This issue is typical when you have installed and running multiple instances (program copies) of Calories by accident. Please make sure you have only installed Calories once and this should be located in your Applications folder. Delete all other copies from your computer. Restart Calories from Applications folder and it should run. If there are still issues the calories database may have become corrupted by some reason. In this case please go to Calories file menu /backup and make a backup of the database. Send this file by mail to us for repair then. »

I can not find your app for my ipad or iphone. Where is it and how do I get it. I use a LINK armband and wish to be able to use your app. I have looked in the app store and on the web?

«The iPhone Client for Calories 3 is called "Cal2GO". Please be aware that Cal2GO is a client for Calories 3. Calories 3 on desktop is needed. Currently there is no full featured Calories 3 version for iPad.»

I did download the application 'Calories 2' from the Apple App Store and add a new user is not give and do not know how to solve it. To change the password of the administrator asks and I do not know what is.I await response

«When starting with Calories no password is set. Simply leave the field blank. If you already set a password but forgot it, you can reveal it with resides in Applications/Utilities. Launch it and make a search for "Calories". You can unhide your Calories password by clicking the i button (info) and entering your Mac login password. For more informations please check out our PDF manuals: Please checkout the current version Calories 3:,247,103,103,181001.html»

I have fogotten my password for my calories 3 on my mac. Do you know how I can get a new one?

«When starting with Calories no password is set. Simply leave the field blank. If you already set a password but forgot it, you can reveal it with resides in Applications/Utilities. Launch it and make a search for "Calories". You can unhide your Calories password by clicking the i button (info) and entering your Mac login password.»

Ich kann mit der fritz.mac Suite 2 keine Anrufe mehr tätigen. Wenn ich die Nummer eingebe und auf Anrufen klicke, wird zwar scheinbar gewählt, jedoch kommt keine Verbindung zustande. Am ausgewählten Endgerät, mit dem ich den Anruf führen möchte, ertönt au

«Seit FritzBox Firmware 6.3 sind wesentliche Dienste wie z.B. Telnet von AVM abgeschaltet worden. Daher ist es zur Zeit nicht möglich Anrufe auszulösen und auf ein Telefon zu leiten. Wir arbeiten an einer Lösung und hoffen bis Mitte September diese bereitstellen zu können.»

iMac 27, late 2012, Yosemite 10.10 Ich habe Fritz.mac Suite 2.5 installiert. Das Problem mit der Passwortabfrage ist aber noch immer vorhanden.

«Das beschrieben Problem rührt von den Einstellungen für SSL/TLS her: Aktuelle Firmwareversionen erfordern die Version 2.5, da die Kommunikation mit der FritzBox meist nur noch per SSL/TLS möglich ist. Beachten Sie bitte daher die neue Einstellung in der Fritz.mac Suite. Ob Sie SSL/TLS aktivieren müssen oder nicht, hängt von der Konfiguration der FritzBox ab. Ist z.B. die FritzBox für Zugriff aus dem internet konfiguriert, ist SSL/TLS zwingend erforderlich Welche Einstellung die richtige ist, finden Sie am Schnellsten durch probieren aus… Option für SSL/TLS deaktivieren, Suite neu starten und ggfls. einmal Box-Passwort eingeben. Sollte das Box-Passwort dann weiterhin immer wieder erfragt werden, dann die Option für SSL/TLS aktiv setzen, Suite neu starten und ggfls. einmal Box-Passwort angeben. Vereinzelte Passwortabfragen nach dem Ruhezustand des Computers können leider auftreten. Eine mehrfache Abfrage kurz hintereinander jedoch deutet auf eine falsche Einstellung obiger Option hin.»

Is it possible to add extra nutritional information to foods? For example, I would like to track my iodine intake and it is not currently on the list of nutrients.

«Currently we will not support custom nutrients. This is considered for Calories 4 we expect to release in march 2014.»

Is it possible to import data from wahoo fitness to Calories 3? If yes, how can be done?

«Not yet possible. This feature is work in progress. Originally we planned it for Calories 3.1, but because of issues with the Wahoo API we had to shift that. We hope to have Wahoo import available in late spring.»

why am I getting "multiple validation errors" when I launch the program on my mac? I don't have any other versions open (or anything else open for that matter). I have Calories2 for a single user. I don't want to have to pay for an upgrade. thanks

«This issue is typical when you have installed and running multiple instances (program copies) of Calories by accident. Please make sure you have only installed Calories once and this should be located in your Applications folder. Delete all other copies from your computer. Restart Calories from Applications folder and it should run. If there are still issues the calories database may have become corrupted by some reason. In this case please go to Calories 3 file menu /backup and make a backup of the database. Send this file by mail to us for repair then.»

Will the Calories 3 app import data from Withings and Nike+ products (scale, BP cuff, Nike+ Fuel Band)?

«All Withings devices - except Withings Pulse will be supported in a few weeks - are supported. Nice not yet.»

Wird auch die Fritz 6840 LTE unterstützt?Speziell das Faxen über eine VoIP Telefonnummer?

«Ja. Sie können die Software testen. Laden Sie dazu einfach fritz.mac Suite von unserem Server. Alle Funktionen stehen 30 Tage zum Testen zur Verfügung. Download:»


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