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Seek Thermal RevealPRO FF (Fast Frame) - Wärmebildkamera

12.01.2017, Meine Jagd-Kumpels wären blind geworden, wenn sie es nicht schon gewesen wären ;-) Mit dieser Wärmebildkamera entgeht mir nichts mehr - danen aber schon :) Die Reichweite ist super und das Gerät liegt gut in der Hand. Regen und Nässe hat sie problemlos weggesteckt. Perfekt für mich!
Seek Thermal RevealPRO FF (Fast Frame) - Wärmebildkamera

QardioArm Blutdruck-Monitor - Wireless

Prima Kaufabwicklung
09.01.2017, Gerät funktioniert bislang einwandfrei, wenn man folgende Reihenfolge beachtet: 1.) zugehörige App starten 2.) erst danach Manschette vom Gerät abrollen und anlegen 3.) Start-Button antippen Startet man die App erst nachdem man die Manschette vom Gerät abgerollt hat, kommt keine Verbindung zwischen Gerät und App zustande.
QardioArm Blutdruck-Monitor - Wireless

Aimable SNAP (Paar) - Parallaxenwinkel

Der Knüller!
04.01.2017, Diese neue Snap Blende ist echt der Knüller! Ich habe es nicht geglaubt, aber diese Blende biegt den Lichtkegel tatsächlich bis zu 20° stufenlos einstellbar. Man muss also nicht mehr die Leuchte neigen... bzw. bei mir ging es darum einige in der Decke eingebaute Downlights zu verwenden, um Bilder an der Wand anzuleuchten. Bisher ging das nicht, weil die Downlights natürlich senkrecht nach unten strahlen. Schwenkbare Spots wollte ich aber eben auch nicht unter der Decke. Also eine SORAA LED 10° Snap kompatibel eingesetzt, diesen Parallaxen Snap plus einen 25° Spreader vorne drauf... und siehe da, ich bekam einen Lichtkegel an der Wand statt am Fußboden!!! Sowas von genial. Dieser Snap besteht aus 2 dünnen transparenten und miteinander drehbar verbundenen Scheiben. Jenachdem wie man diese beiden Scheiben zueinander verdreht, kann man den Lichtstrahl von 0 - 20° stufenlos abknicken. In meinem Falle war das ausreichend, um den Lichtkegel auf die Wand bzw. meine Bilder zu bringen. Aber trotzdem sehen die Lampen an der Decke eben aus wie normale Downlights und sind eben parallel zur Decke. Das ist der Look den ich wollte.
Aimable SNAP (Paar) - Parallaxenwinkel

ALTRA DICE CL-1 - Deckenleuchte

Einfach prima!
03.01.2017, Haben 6 von diesen Deckenleuchten zusammen mit SORAA LEDs im Bad installiert. Die Leuchte ist schlicht und dabei elegant, alles aus Metall, einfache Montage. Da die Leuchte keinen "Mondpreis" hat, wie man das sonst von stylischen Design-Leuchten kennt, war es auch gar keine Frage, dass natürlich die SORAA LEDs dort rein kamen. Super Lichtqualität plus schicke Leuchte zu einem akzeptablen Preis!
ALTRA DICE CL-1 - Deckenleuchte

NUKI Smart Lock

funktioniert wie erwartet, einfache Installation
01.01.2017, ./.
NUKI Smart Lock


Is this what a blood pressure monitor looks like?

No buttons, no tubes and no display - small, compact, elegant and even designed for the precise measurement at the upper arm?

Yes, that is exactly what it is!

Why you should consider a blood pressure monitor without a display or buttons at a price of more than 100 dollars…

One frequently hears the opinion that a blood pressure monitor with app connectivity, using a smartphone as the control device is merely a lifestyle-gadget.

And also that devices without such bells and whistles are available at a fraction of the cost.

This opinion now requires urgent rethinking!

danholt has offered smart devices for health and fitness since 2008 - including various blood pressure monitors by renowned manufacturers.

One of these has convinced us exceedingly:

The QardioArm

Read more…

Monitoring your own blood pressure correctly - the basics…

A quick overview of the basic rules for blood pressure measurements:

  • Take a rest of three to five minutes before measuring your blood pressure.
  • Take an initial measurement from both arms and take subsequent measurements from the arm with the higher reading.
  • Measure before taking medication that lowers blood pressure.
  • The measuring point (sleeve) should be at the level of the heart and the arm should be relaxed. Ideally rest the arm on a table - when measuring at the wrist also apply the sleeve at the level of the heart.
  • Remain calm during the measurement - coughing, laughing or talking can influence the results. Do not cross your legs - this can also influence the results.
  • Do not panic if the device shows a value that is too high! Instead, measure your blood pressure again regularly during the next few hours and days to see if the value is confirmed.

 So much for the overview…

But what exactly does it all mean?

Some basic conditions need to be noted in order to arrive at precise, reliable and significant blood pressure values.

Monitoring your blood pressure correctly is not a simple, trivial task.

Even before beginning the measurement one often runs into a number of unanswered questions:

  • What is the ideal time to measure your blood pressure?
  • What arm should I use?
  • And what values are even normal?

We will now give you a quick guide to measuring your blood pressure correctly.

It does not matter whether you are using a conventional monitor or one with smart connectivity, these rules should always be followed.

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure

In order to supply the body with blood and thus with oxygen and nutrients, our blood needs to be in permanent circulation.

This is mainly ensured by our heart, which pumps blood into our blood vessels with every beat. Venous valves, however, also play a part by transporting blood back to the heart with every muscular action. As the vascular walls, especially those of the arteries, are elastic, they can expand with every heartbeat and thus absorb the blood pumped by the heart for a short time and then slowly transmit them into the blood circulation. This ensures a largely consistent blood pressure even though the heart pumps rhythmically.

A blood pressure monitor usually records two values: The systolic and the diastolic blood pressure. The systolic value is determined at the moment when the heart contracts and pumps blood into the vessels. The diastolic, on the other hand, is measured when the heart is relaxed - during the phase when the heart is being filled with blood.

Correct technique is vital

You do not need to see your doctor to have your blood pressure measured - you can easily determine your blood pressure at home with the help of a blood pressure monitor. One can confidently say that the blood pressure values you record regularly are more significant than one-off measurements performed by your doctor.

Sadly, many people are not aware of the correct way of measuring their blood pressure. Diligence is required, since the blood pressure values can be influenced by a number of external factors.

How do you measure your blood pressure correctly?

Before beginning with the measurement you should take a rest of three to five minutes.

Choose a comfy seat and avoid even the slightest movement as this would raise your blood pressure.

Typically, devices that feature sleeves for the upper arm or wrist are used. The process of measuring and pumping the sleeve are usually automatic - older devices and GPs might do this manually. When measuring at the wrist you should initially feel for your pulse and then apply the sleeve at just that spot.

It is also especially important when measuring at the wrist that the measuring spot is at the level of the heart!

When measuring on the upper arm, this is usually necessarily the case, making a wrong reading due to wrong positioning unlikely.

If the blood pressure is measured at the wrist, your elbow should be supported by a table and the forearm and wrist slightly elevated. When measuring on the upper arm the forearm should simply be relaxed and placed on a table or armrest.

Right or left - which is the correct arm?

In principle, the blood pressure can be measured on either arm.

Usually, however, one will tend to get a higher value when measuring on one particular arm. Which arm this is varies from person to person.

For this reason it is advisable to measure on both arms when beginning to monitor ones blood pressure.

If you tend to get higher results on a particular arm you should use the arm with the higher readings for later measurements.

In order to assess the blood pressure, the higher values are always decisive.

Morning… evening… what is the best time?

It is best to measure ones blood pressure in the morning, since high blood pressure in the morning is considered particularly harmful.

Measuring in the morning is particularly vital to patients who take medication to lower their blood pressure. Additionally, measurements should also take place before taking such medication.

However, your blood pressure is also subject to variations throughout the day. Therefore, it is advisable to initially take measurements at various times in the day. This will let you determine the time of day during which your blood pressure is at its peak and if this might be related to some previous activity.

Too high or too low? It’s about the right pressure.

Measuring your blood pressure will give you two values:

  • The systolic and the diastolic pressure.

The systolic is always the first, followed by the diastolic. The blood pressure is considered elevated if just one of the two values is repeatedly too high. Values that are below 140 mmHg (systolic) and 90 mmHg (diastolic) are considered normal for adults. Should you regularly notice values above these, you ought to visit your doctor.

To the topic page:

"Measure your blood pressure correctly - really smart”

Intelligent, handy blood-pressure meter for iOS and Android - fits any jacket pocket!

from 129.00 EUR
shipping Thu, 19. Jan. - Mon, 23. Jan.

Smart blood pressure monitor for iPhone

129.00 EUR
shipping Thu, 19. Jan. - Mon, 23. Jan.

Blood pressure monitoring as it ought to be: Long-term evaluation with medical precision - smart, light, compact and mobile

Why a smart blood pressure monitor is your best choice…

The previous chapter explained the basics of what to consider when measuring your blood pressure.

How do I measure my blood pressure correctly…

But more is required in order to arrive at truly meaningful values that can form the basis for sensible decisions.

This is where smart technology comes into play.

Measuring body parameters - and blood pressure is among these - is similar to tracking weather data

A simple thermometer certainly suffices to quickly measure the outside temperature, a barometer is enough to measure the air pressure and a glance outside will tell if it is raining.

But compiling such individual and isolated data into a meaningful whole requires long term records, assessment and statistics - it is a long road.

You should track your body data in just such a way and view it as a web of values that change over time - just like weather data.

Only when you have tracked your body parameters over an extended period of time, in different conditions, evaluated and correlated the results, will you end up with a general view that can be used for diagnosis and prognosis and lead to concrete actions.

This is precisely the difference between conventional monitors and smart devices.

Smart is intelligent - it visualizes connections, archives them for extended periods, locates trends and offers prognoses and help.

This aspect of smart technology is usually underestimated or neglected entirely.

A smart blood pressure monitor offers a significant surplus and can even be lifesaving.

Even more value by completion

Connect your blood pressure values to other vital data:

  • Body analysis, weight, body fat, water, muscle mass and heart rate
  • Heart rate, pulse - cardio fitness
  • Activity & Fitness
  • Sleep analysis

Sapere aude

Dare to be wise

Get to know your body and take matters into your own hands!

An overview of the advantages a smart blood pressure monitor offers: 

  • Continuously and automatically tracks values - no paperwork, no "memory-loss”
  • Graphical display of values over days, weeks, months and years
  • Long term statistics and trends
  • Precise tracking of time and place of measurements
  • Notes, notices and perceived wellbeing for every measurement
  • Can transfers data to your GP, family or friends - automatically or manually
  • Share data with your intimates - e.g. your can view your beloved grandparents’ values wherever you are.
  • Ideal connectivity and accumulation of values with other health-parameters:
    • Body analysis (weight, fat, water, muscle mass),
    • Heart rate, pulse
    • Activity
    • Sleep

To the topic page:
"Measure your blood pressure correctly - really smart"

Intelligent, handy blood-pressure meter for iOS and Android - fits any jacket pocket!

from 129.00 EUR
shipping Thu, 19. Jan. - Mon, 23. Jan.

Smart blood pressure monitor for iPhone

129.00 EUR
shipping Thu, 19. Jan. - Mon, 23. Jan.

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