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In-depth information on current issues of life, environment and sustainable lifestyle

Environment: The air we breathe

Air surrounds us, we can not live without air: We can choose which food to eat. This is somewhat different with air! We have no choice at all. We must breathe it - it provides us with oxygen. ...

Let there be light!

Energy revolution, save energy, secure advantages…: The topic of light and lighting is mostly only considered from the aspect of saving energy and rapid amortization. Just to anticipate it rig...

Measure your blood pressure correctly - the smart way

Is this what a blood pressure monitor looks like? - No buttons, no tubes and no display - small, compact, elegant and even designed for the precise measurement at the upper arm? Yes, that is exactl...

Private affairs! Women’s handbags and makeup bags

Why do women love and need their handbag so dearly?: Once you sneak a peak inside a handbag you will discover: The bag is far more than just an important accessory. It is always there, never ...