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sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

Immer volle Ladung
05.12.2017, Mit dem sDock hat mein iPad jetzt einen festen Platz und ist immer geladen. Beratung vor dem Kauf bei danholt war top! Und der Versand ebenfalls... hatte vor 14Uhr bestellt und am nächsten Tag war es schon da. Alle Daumen hoch dafür!
sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

DoorBird - DIN RAIL Hutschienen-Netzteil

04.12.2017, ./.
DoorBird - DIN RAIL Hutschienen-Netzteil

23.11.2017, Top

Lumos - Fahrradhelm

Man wird gesehen!
21.11.2017, Das ist ein wunderbarer Helm. Ja, der Preis ist happig im Vergleich... aber was will man schon vergleichen, ein ordentlicher Helm eines Markenherstellers kostet auch deutlich über 100 Euronen. Also nicht vergleichen mit irgendwelchen Discounter Dingern für 20Euro. Zudem bietet dieser mit seiner einzigartigen Beleuchtung ein erhebliches Maß an zusätzlicher Sicherheit. Jetzt im Winter erst Recht. Aber es ist eben nicht nur eine simple Beleuchtung... nein, er hat integrierte Blinker. Die können mit der kleinen, am Fahrradlenker zu befestigenden Fernbedienung aktiviert werden. Trotzden sollte man natürlich noch ein Handzeichen machen. Doppelt hält besser. In der Fernbedienung sitzt auch noch ein Bewegungssensor, der sofort reagiert, wenn man das Fahrrad abbremst. Dann leuchten nämlich am Helm Bremslichter auf ! Helm und Fernbedienung haben integrierte Akkus und lassen sich ganz einfach aufladen. Das Ladekabel bzw. der Stecker hält magnetisch, also keine Fummelei mit USB Steckerchen oder so, wie sonst oft üblich. Auch eine APP hat der Helm und gibt so Auskunft über den Ladezustand am Helm und der Fernbedienung.
Lumos - Fahrradhelm

Superschnelle Abwicklung.
13.10.2017, ./.

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Product info Technical data Questions & Answers

7,5 Watt spot with full-spectrum-LED-light - point source as bright as 40W !

Supreme quality of light and color-reproduction (CRI > 95 R9 ! ) combined with extraordinarily low power-consumption and high-end workmanship

The Soraa Vivid 3 

MR16 - GU10 Spot - 200-260V, dimmable


Perfection in color...

Perfection in color...

Throughout the last few decades many energy-saving lighting technologies have been developed, promising more or less environmental friendliness.
With the focus on efficiency, one vital aspect of lighting was neglected: Color.

Colors are as old and important as light itself.

People understand colors - in the millions of years of evolution, or eyes, brain and body have experienced the power of perfect full-spectrum light.
Our entire behavior, emotional comfort and social interactions are closely related to "seeing colors as they really are”.

With all the technological complexities and sophistication - what really matters is simplicity - simply perfect light.
Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness while still truly reproducing all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Robust and durable thanks to GaN on GaN technology
  • The highest light-density thanks to a triangular LED matrix structure
  • Exact, clear shadowing - Point Source Optics
  • Color quality and clarity close to sunlight - CRI 95 - R9-95 (Vivid Color)
  • Supreme reproduction of white
  • Full spectrum light with natural blue and blue-violet percentage

Shades of white...

Violet light is at the higher end of the visible spectrum of light.
Mostly we are not interested in it and the usual view is that white light is merely composed of red, green and blue light.

Reality, however, is more complex.
Especially violet light plays a major role in our perception of white.

White and all its hues and shades is omnipresent in our surroundings.
White lends an emotional significance to clarity, brightness and space.
The wish for whiter light is omnipresent.

However, the color that lets white shine brightly, that creates fluorescence and lets us perceive all facets of white is violet.

The blue-violet aspect of light, as it is only produced by a Soraa Vivid full spectrum LED - or the sun itself - lets all colors, and white in particular, shine vividly.
Shades of white...
Vividness and shadows...

Vividness and shadows...

Focussed lighting poses several conditions that manufacturers of LED lights need to meet:
  • A well controlled reflected beam angle of 9 to 60 degrees
  • Exact form-factor - e.g. accurately fitted replacement parts of halogen-bulbs
  • Consistent accuracy of color throughout the entire beam of light
  • Clean and sharply contoured shadowing
The relatively large size of LED lights in the usually small form-factors leads to wide reflected beam angles
Color deviations on the LED light-source are often clearly noticeable in the light beam
Several LED light-sources are usually combined into arrays to maximize the luminous efficiency which creates multiple shadows. This in turn leads to colors and textures being obscured.

The answer to all these issues: The Soraa Point Source Optic

High Definition (HD) - not just on your TV...

The almost perfect crystal structure of the unique Soraa GaN on GaN LEDs makes it possible to work with up to 5 times more current density. This means that the luminous efficiency is up to 5 times higher when compared to other LEDs.

A higher luminous efficiency from a small source means an optimization towards a point source optic.
This is the basis for a perfectly designed optical path.
An ingenious reflector with prismatic precision lenses additionally makes it possible to precisely control the reflected beam angles, while keeping the size of the light-source at a minimum.

Clear, precise and clean shadows lend excellent plasticity and sharpness of contours to any lighted objects.
High Definition (HD) - not just on your TV...
By the way...

By the way...

You are working on a more extensive project, are an architect or an electrician?
Please contact us for an individual offer!

Further models - reflected beam angle and color temperature - on demand.

Technical data:

Replacement light for halogen

Voltage:  200-260Volt
Power:      7,5Watt  -  corresponds to 40-50W Halogen

Socket:   MR16 / GU10

Reflected beam angle: 

Light flux:  400 Lumen
Color qualityCRI > 95  R9>95

Color temperature:
  • 3000K
  • 2700K (on demand)
  • 5000K (on demand)
  • 4000K (on demand)
Lifespan: 35.000 hours / 30.000 switch cycles 
  • reaches full brightness in less than a second (Quickstart)
  • no mercury
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • 8 kWh per 1000 operating hours

  • up to 20% brightness


Soraa Vivid is a product by Soraa Inc, USA

Name Soraa Vivid 3 MR16 GU10 - Full spectrum LED Spot
Manufacturer Soraa
Type LED lamps
Full spectrum light
Available variations
  • warm - 3000K
    W 5 x L 5 x H 5 x , 0.0 m2
    Weight: 0.04 kg
  • medium warm - 4000K

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