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sDock Upgrade Kit - Dock Connector zu Lightning

Super Teil!
11.07.2016, Ich habe das sDock gekauft und bereits montiert. Die Qualität ist beeindruckend, ebenso die Funktionalität. Das Ipad wird sicher gehalten, durch das extra Unterputz-Ladekabel ist ein verdecktes Laden immer gegeben. Und das Ganze sieht auch noch super aus an der Wand.
sDock Upgrade Kit - Dock Connector zu Lightning

QardioArm Blutdruck-Monitor - Wireless

Top Danke
27.06.2016, ./.
QardioArm Blutdruck-Monitor - Wireless

Soraa Vivid 3 MR16 GU10 - Vollspektrum LED Spot

Diese LEDs zeigen, was technisch machbar ist
23.05.2016, Diese LED-Spots erzeugen ein sehr ausgewogeneres Lichtspektrum und einen sehr schönen gleichmäßigen Lichtkegel mit weicher, ebenso gleichmäßiger Kontur, wie ich das bei Halogenspots noch nicht gesehen habe. Wenn die Spots richtig positioniert werden (Abstand von der beleuchteten Wand = 1/3 der Raumhöhe) können Bilder optimal mit nicht wahrnehmbarer Farbverfälschung beleuchtet werden. Die überragende Qualität dieser LEDs rechtfertigen ihren Preis.
Soraa Vivid 3 MR16 GU10 - Vollspektrum LED Spot

iGrill 2

Super! Einfach und gute Funktion.
16.05.2016, ./.
iGrill 2

Bluetens - Smart TENS/EMS

Dieses Gerät hat mich in mehrfacher Hinsicht überzeugt:
04.05.2016, 1. Es ist klein aber extrem leistungsstark 2. Es kommuniziert per Bluetooth mit meinem Smartphone... 3. Die App auf dem Smartphone stellt die "Intelligenz" des Systems. Speziell der dritte Punkt bedeutet, dass ich nicht selber per Versuch und Irrtum herausfinden muss, welche Frequenzen und Pulsfolgen für eine spezifische Behandlung nötig wären. Statt dessen bietet mir die Bluetens App ganz konkrete Anleitung und Programme an. Einfach die Körperregion einstellen (Rücken, Nacken, Schulter, Bauch, Beine... usw.), dann den Modus - Schmerztherapie, Entspannung, Muskelaufbau... und zu letzt noch das Therapieziel ... z.B. Muskelaufbau, Fettverbrennung, Schmerzlinderung oder anderes mehr. Dann das Programm starten und noch die Intensität nach persönlichem Empfinden einstellen - fertig. Aus meiner Erfahrung eine 1000%ige Empfehlung!
Bluetens - Smart TENS/EMS


As soon as the days get shorter, the mood will often darken, too.
Some people will even turn downright depressed.

Winter depression, or seasonal affected disorder is an emotional, depressive disorder that depends on the season and usually appears during the fall and winter months.

SAD is counted as a special form among the recurring depressive disorders.

Along with the usual depressive symptoms, such as glum moods, a lack of energy and anxiety, other symptoms atypical of depression can occur.


  • Increased duration of sleep
  • increased cravings of candy
  • weight gain


Seasonally independent depression, in contrast, usually leads to a loss of appetite, weight and sleep.

See also Wikipedia…

In general, the disrupted biological daily cycle is seen to be one cause for this. The interplay of serotonin and melatonin is disrupted by the reduced sunlight in the winter months. Light-sensitive ganglion cells send signals to the brain which then adjusts our internal clock to the corresponding light-quality. The brain’s pineal gland will, for instance, pour out serotonin at daybreak to wake us up, refreshen us and improve our mood.

Light-therapy has been established as a useful and common method of treatment due to these correspondences.

Conventional devices for light-therapy are usually special table lamps. The patients need to expose themselves to the light for approximately 1 - 2 hours at a distance of about one meter.

This is a time consuming and annoying procedure and not easily accomplished by anyone who leads a busy life.

But there is a new way!

Just 15 minutes per treatment that can even be taken care of on the go!

As easy as listening to music…

Read all about it right here…

Mobile light therapy against winter depression and the winter blues

Light therapy 2Go

The Valkee 2 light headset is the first of its kind to offer mobile, inconspicuous light therapy that can be applied during other activities.

The Valkee 2 light headset was especially designed to treat the so-called winter depression (SAD - Seasonal Affected Disorder).

The Valkee is a clinically tested and certified according to CE-certification class 2(a) for medical devices.

The realization that not only our eyes are sensitive to light kickstarted the development of Valkee.

Light sensitive areas in our brains have survived millions of years of evolution.

It is assumed that the brain’s light sensitive areas are remains from a prehistoric time, when living creatures had not yet developed separate eyes in today’s, human sense.

Clinical research has shown that these areas can be reached via the ears.

The energy of an electromagnetic wave - such as light - decreases at 1/r2. This means that the increase in distance between patient and light-source by a factor of 2 reduces the light’s efficiency down to a quarter of its original power.

This led to the idea of creating a more immediate way of applying light to the patient’s brain’s light sensitive areas by reducing the distance between source and patient.

This resulted in the development of the Valkee light headset

Valkee features:


  • Metal case - choice of black or silver
  • Therapy duration can be selected on the device (no PC necessary)
  • Display of remaining duration (LED ring)
  • Well fitted in ear LED buds with replaceable silicone sleeves for an optimal fit
  • Thin, lightweight and soft Y-cable for the ear pieces
  • Ear piece cable removable
  • Bright LEDs in the ear pieces - average luminosity: 10,000 lux at 1 cm distance from the conductor’s surface, 3.5 lumes (standard values)
  • Peak wavelength: 450 nm

This makes the Valkee…


  • Handy
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality

The usual duration per treatment is 12 mins (factory setting), adjustable to 3 - 12 minutes.

Keep winter blues at bay by channeling a 10,000 lux light beam at light-sensitive areas of the brain

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Treat SAD and winter depression with light and movement - light therapy to go!

139.90 EUR
shipping Thu, 25. Aug. - Mon, 29. Aug.

Treat jet lag and SAD with light - intelligent light therapy at home or on the go

199.00 EUR
shipping Thu, 25. Aug. - Mon, 29. Aug.

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