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sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

Immer volle Ladung
05.12.2017, Mit dem sDock hat mein iPad jetzt einen festen Platz und ist immer geladen. Beratung vor dem Kauf bei danholt war top! Und der Versand ebenfalls... hatte vor 14Uhr bestellt und am nächsten Tag war es schon da. Alle Daumen hoch dafür!
sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

23.11.2017, Top

Superschnelle Abwicklung.
13.10.2017, ./.

sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

Great product!
11.10.2017, Best quality ever seen for a docking station and wall mount. Love it.
sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

Klein, aber Fein!
05.10.2017, Habe den ELEMNT BOLT jetzt seit gut 1 1/2 Monaten und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Steuerung über die App funktioniert einwandfrei. Die Halterung ist sehr stabil und das Gerät bewegt sich kein Stück beim drücken der Knöpfe. Die Navigation ist auch sehr gut. Grade die Turn-by-Turn Navigation gefällt mir besonders. Das Hochladen der geplanten Routen ist sehr einfach.


Mother and the Motion Cookies - the smart home assistant - Smart Life Technology-product overview


Mother, Mommy or Mom - she sees everything

Mother and the Motion Cookies - the smart home assistant

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About Sen.Se

The Violet project was founded in the year 2003 on the basis of a humorous vision:
All things were to be connected. Violet opened the door to the creation of a WiFi rabbit with an unspeakable name.
The idea: From now on really anything can be connected to the internet, even rabbits.*

Ten years later the initial vision almost turned real.
Ten years passed but our intentions changed. This is why we founded
Back then we thought connecting everything was the target. Now, however, we believe that the connection ought to take place with life itself and all its challenges and problems of everyday life...
Devices disappear into the background - they connect seamlessly with our lives and ought to enrich them.

The interconnections between objects, devices and machines has been a prominent topic of the last ten years and is already in practice in many facets of life.
The real challenge is now the seamless integration into our sphere of life.

This new leading idea prompted the development of Mother - the smart home assistant was founded by:
Rafi Haladjian, co-founder of Violet and creator of Nabaztag, the wireless rabbit
Franck Biehler, member of the Violet Team from the beginning.
Various other members of who were also part of the Violet project.

Nabaztag is a trade-name owned by the company ALDEBARAN Robotics.