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sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

Immer volle Ladung
05.12.2017, Mit dem sDock hat mein iPad jetzt einen festen Platz und ist immer geladen. Beratung vor dem Kauf bei danholt war top! Und der Versand ebenfalls... hatte vor 14Uhr bestellt und am nächsten Tag war es schon da. Alle Daumen hoch dafür!
sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

Superschnelle Abwicklung.
13.10.2017, ./.

sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

Great product!
11.10.2017, Best quality ever seen for a docking station and wall mount. Love it.
sDock PRO s12 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad PRO

Klein, aber Fein!
05.10.2017, Habe den ELEMNT BOLT jetzt seit gut 1 1/2 Monaten und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Steuerung über die App funktioniert einwandfrei. Die Halterung ist sehr stabil und das Gerät bewegt sich kein Stück beim drücken der Knöpfe. Die Navigation ist auch sehr gut. Grade die Turn-by-Turn Navigation gefällt mir besonders. Das Hochladen der geplanten Routen ist sehr einfach.

Die Lampe macht ein sehr schönes Licht
12.09.2017, Die Lampe macht ein sehr schönes Licht und lässt sich durch die magnetischen Speziallinsen gut erweitern. Natürlich kommt diese Flexibilität nicht zum Nulltarif. Der Lichtstrahl wird schon etwas abgeschwächt, aber wenn die Position der Leuchte vorgegeben ist, sicher eine sinnvolle Sache.


Straumann Software - Smart technology-product overview

MacSchema is developed by Straumann Software with a precision and calm that is usually only known from mechanical engineering

Electro CAD and CAE software for Apple Mac computers - Swiss precision applied to CAD software

Our customers about ... Straumann Software

MacSchema CAD/CAE

Software made in Switzerland

MacSchema CAD/CAEstarstarstarstarstar
Dirk, 19.03.2015 - Schweiz... da erwartet man Qualität, Zuverlässigkeit, Solidität... und das alles bekommt man auch! Effektives Arbeiten und erhebliche Zeitersparnis rechtfertigen jeden Euro den ich für MacSchema PRO zahlte.


Products by Straumann Software

Straumann Software

Straumann Software CAD

About MacSchema

Straumann Software from Switzerland proves how simple and easy professional software can be with its MacSchema CAD / CAE product line.
Schooling becomes superfluous, thanks to the intuitive menu commands, so that a demonstration of the possibilities will usually suffice. If you’re thinking this must be impossible, just try the DEMO or ask one of the many MacSchema clients to be shown the possibilities.

Rolf Straumann - inventor and developer of MacSchema - started drawing electrical diagrams early on, of course without the help of a computer, and had already developed a very good mechanical system.
A large number of standard sheets was his solution, meaning that only a small number of controls had to be newly drawn. The main body of work was therefore the entering of labels, cross-references and descriptions.
Then the first CAD software-applications were released.
However, they were mostly so complicated and elaborate that the work was usually done more effectively by hand.

This led Straumann to the decision to develop his own software - the first MacSchema.
This software was designed to be very easy to use and quite a lot faster than the manual system, but still no real CAD.

The development of MacSchema II - a real CAD application - was begun in December 1986.
It took two years to complete version 1.0. The goal was to keep the drawing function as simple as possible, a drawing grid that was perfectly tailored to the symbols and to automate anything that could be automated. This idea has been further developed up until today and extended with an automatic terminal diagram, wire list and an automatic parts list.

However, this was not as easy as it seems. An auxiliary contact block, for instance, needed to recognize the correct contactor unnoticeably and the calculation of the terminal diagram required the correct device connections to be found. Solving such problems is what makes programming appealing. Nonetheless, what took the most work were all the little details that make working with the software a pleasant experience.

Only when personally applying MacSchema, will you realize how unique the software really is, especially in its ease-of-use and productivity. A long-term MacSchema client estimated savings in time of 80%!

Many companies worldwide - and especially in Switzerland - use MacSchema to great success.