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Sling Media ist ein führender Anbieter von Multiscreen Smart TV Lösungen für private Anwendung aber auch im professionellen TV Produktions-Umfeld.

Schauen Sie Ihr heimische TV Programm von überall in der Welt auf Ihrem Smartphone oder Tablet.

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Haben Sie Fragen?
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About Sling Media

Founded in 2004, with headquarters in Foster City, CA, Slingbox is committed to developing products and solutions that empower you to watch your home TV — including 100% of the content you already pay for — anywhere in the world, on any Internet-connected device.

Sling Media Highlights
2004: Founded by two brothers wanting to watch the SF Giants when traveling
2005: The first Slingbox was released
2007: Sling Media wins a Technical Emmy Award for the Slingbox
2007: EchoStar acquires Sling Media
2009: Released 4th generation hardware, Slingbox PRO-HD and SlingPlayer software for iPhone
2010: Sling Media introduces SlingPlayer for Android, iPad and Windows smartphones
2012: The 5th generation Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 were released
2013: DISH Network announces and begins shipping integrated Hopper® with Sling DVR
2013: Arris (Motorola STB) and Sling Media enter OEM deal for Cable and Telco PayTV worldwide
2014: The 6th generation Slingbox M1 was released
2015: Released Slingbox M2 with free Slingplayer app downloads for unlimited mobile devices
Today: 300 employees, sold in 22+ countries, in 5,000+ stores, with 50+ industry awards

Haben Sie Fragen?

Haben Sie Fragen?
 +49 7582 9399935
 Anfrage per Mail
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