Wahoo Heart Rate Strap - TiCKR X 2 - Heart Rate Tracker

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Your SmartPhone becomes a running computer!
Wireless transmission of your training data via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+. 
With integrated memory for use without a smartphone with you


heart rate monitor from Wahoo Fitness incl. motion sensor and memory
Version 2.0
The absolute hit for all endurance athletes!
The Wahoo Fitness TICKR X heart rate belt connects wirelessly and without additional adapters with the smartphone and provides you, among other things, with the Wahoo Fitness App. immediately your pulse data in real time. Ideal for all sports enthusiasts who appreciate an overview of your training results.

Use your "equipment park" quite flexibly - the choice is yours!
Completely new is the dual data transmission via Bluetooth 4.0 as well as ANT+. This means that the TICKR X heart rate belt can be used with all generations of iPhone and iPad.
In addition, this means that you can send data to an ANT+ device (e.g. Garmin watch) while also sending data to smartphones (e.g. iphone, Samsung Galaxy S4) or smartwatches (Polar V800, TomTom products) that support the BT 4.0 standard.

Integrated memory
The integrated memory allows the TiCKR X to be used even for sports where carrying a smartphone is not possible or not desired!
The integrated memory collects all data during a workout or training session. The collected data can then be later transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth or ANT+ to a smartphone or the fitness app of your choice.
An integrated motion sensor provides information about ground contact, cadence as well as speed. This data is primarily intended to give ambitious runners feedback on the quality, economy and efficiency of their running style (running smoothness).

Likewise, runners who run on a treadmill at the gym or at home, for example, no longer need an additional foot pod to measure their exact speed or distance traveled and share the data with a fitness app.
The TICKR X has a built-in vibration function that, for example, alerts you when you reach a certain heart rate zone or reminds you that you have reached a certain running segment. 

The TICKR X sensor can also be used as a remote control. A light tap on the sensor allows you to select the next song on your smartphone, for example.

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