BirdGuard - Video Monitoring Module

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Security around the house
Intelligent and networked with HD video, WiFi and app control - for all DoorBird door stations.

BirdGuard monitoring module

Additional video module for building security - inside and outside
The BirdGuard is the ideal addition to your DoorBird door station. 

You see and hear what the visitor is doing when you have opened the door for him. 
You will immediately receive a push message on your smartphone as soon as someone moves on your property, thanks to the integrated motion detector.
You can address the visitor via the integrated speaker and hear their response. 

If needed, you can also connect an external, powerful speaker. For example, use it to trigger a 100dB loud siren sound and drive the visitor away. 
Or you can play a predefined sound such as dog barking. 

This allows you to achieve a high level of security - and burglaries are most likely to be averted in advance.

The integrated motion sensor alerts you via push message on your smartphone when an unwanted visitor appears.
The BirdGuard has an integrated amplifier. You can connect powerful external speakers to generate volumes of over 100 dB.
Using your smartphone app, you can address an intruder through the speaker and drive him away. If he doesn't leave immediately, turn on loud dog barking or the siren.

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