Epic Board - Balanceboard

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The balance board for surfers, skaters and all who are looking for an effective fitness training.

The Epic Balance Board & Roll

Surf-skate feeling fitness board including roller.
Whatever your sport, the Epic Balance Board is a perfect addition to your workout routine.

This cross-training tool will increase your sense of balance and overall fitness.

Epic Balance Boards offer a lot of possible fitness exercises with a high fun factor. 
You and your children will have a lot of fun, which of course in very positive for health and fitness.
A few short exercises a day with the balance board are enough for a lasting positive effect.
Epic balance boards are ideal for fitness training and yoga. They are used in gyms for various types of training, ranging from Crossfit to endurance training and yoga.
Epic Balance boards are great for fitness training and yoga, for one thing. They are used in gyms for various types of workouts, ranging from Crossfit to endurance training to yoga.

But of course they are also perfect when you are skiing or snowboarding. These balance boards are optimal for your balance and core strengthening workouts. Many professional snowboarders and skiers use balance boards in winter as well as in summer.
The boards are made of multiply glued laminated wood - multiplex - and are extremely robust. The bottom side is natural, varnished while the top side is coated with an extra-hard granular varnish.

The rough surface of the top side provides optimal grip.

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