Fibaro Heat Controller - Smart radiator thermostat

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Z-Wave for your heating...
Smart heating control for more comfort and energy saving...

FIBARO Heater Controller

App and voice control, consumption control and LED light ring.
Advanced technology and a unique design combined in one device change the smart heating in your home. Temperature management has never been so precise and easy.

Innovative room analysis algorithm and unique color control.
Advanced technology that is easy to use for efficient heating management: based on the volume of your room, it calculates how much time is needed to reach the desired temperature. In addition, the current temperature is indicated by the corresponding ring color. Try it yourself, set your temperature and discover the color display.
Discover how easy and efficient heating management can be. The FIBARO Heat Controller can be installed on any number of radiators. This allows them to work together to provide the optimal temperature. The controller offers a high level of heating comfort and opens up many possibilities. Manually, with your voice or via mobile app, control the heating in any room of your home from anywhere at any time.
Heating zone management
Precise room temperature measurement
Schedule mode
Groundbreaking algorithms for adaptive self-adjustment.
Reduction of heating costs
Rechargeable battery instead of battery
Adapt each room to your needs! Ensure maximum comfort by programming the temperature of each room according to the time of day and its use.
Always in perfect harmony with your daily rhythm!
The FIBARO Heat Controller works with 98% of all types of radiators.
The thermostatic head works with common radiator valves. Thanks to the special adapters in the set, it can be mounted on 98% of radiators available on the market.

Fits most radiators with:

  • M30x1,5
  • RTD-N
  • RA-N

The integrated battery is charged via a micro USB port and usually lasts for the entire heating season.

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