Gocycle G3+

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The original G3 with retractable chain case!
Special edition with carbon rims

Gocycle G3+

Design by Richard Thorpe
They say you can't reinvent the wheel or improve the design of the bike. Gocycle has done both.
Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and a joy to ride. A topic of conversation wherever you see it.

The G3
Richard Thorpe's objective was to build the best e-bike in the world.
Perfect for commuting, running errands or just having fun in your spare time!
The Gocycle G3 offers the original and clean design without folding mechanics of the e-bike that Richard Thorp consistently designed from the ground up.
The GoCycle G3 folds to a minimal size and the two wheels feature a unique central quick release.
This means the G3 can be stowed in the trunk of a car, camper, motor home or boat in no time at all.
The enclosed multi-speed chain drive keeps oily parts off your clothes. 
The rims on this special edition G3 are made of high-strength, ultra-lightweight carbon.
At only 16.4kg, the GoCycle G3+ is very lightweight.
The Gocycle offers contact points in exactly the same places as a large-wheelbase bike - but with more customization options for more riders. 

The Vgonomic™ seatpost and frame geometry, combined with the adjustable height and reach handlebars, provide customization options with excellent comfort for many body shapes.

True lightweight
At only 16.4 kg (36.3 lbs), the Gocycle G3 is one of the lightest e-bikes in the world!

Bipod stand
The Gocycle bipod stand is made of durable and sturdy aluminum to keep your Gocycle securely parked. Double-piston spring design and double bearings ensure smooth and stable unfolding and retracting. The bipod stand is included with the Gocycle G3.

The app
Included with the Gocycle G3 is the free GocycleConnect™ app, which allows you to personalize your ride, adjust speed and power settings, and provides health statistics such as calories burned, power output, trip data, and more....

Docking Station
Easily store the Gocycle G3 with the transportable docking station (optional accessory). Clean and form-fitting design for intuitive storage. Four sturdy casters for effortless transport. Durable zippered protective cover.
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