GrillEye IRIS PROBE - High precision probe

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Always exactly on the point !
Grilling, roasting and smoking like a master

GrillEye IRIS PROBE for GrillEye MAX

PRO-Grade temperature probe (only compatible with GrillEye MAX !)
Measures meat or ambient temperature ultra-fast and highly accurate
Grill grill clip included
Get even more out of your GrillEye MAX - with the additional temperature probes!

Pro-Level Meat and Ambient Probe in one!
Just right for grilling meat, poultry and fish

The better probe for all GrillEye MAX - GrillEye IRIS Probe.
GrillEye IRIS is a first-class probe.
Professional temperature probe - with FDA approval.

The most important features at a glance:

  • 2 in 1 - meat and ambient temperature probe.
  • GrillEye Probe Clip included for mounting on the grill grate as ambient probe
  • FDA approval
  • The GrillEye® probe is certified by the FDA for safe use with food.

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