GrillEye MAX - 8 Port Profi Grill Thermometer

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Always exactly on the point! Grill and fry like a master. Every steak is a success.GrillEye MAX Up to 8 high-precision meat and ambient temperature sensors can be connectedSuitable for grills and smokers alike - awarded the IF Design Award 2022. GrillEye MAX is a barbecue thermometer for the barbecue professional and ambitious hobby cook.Equipped with Bluetooth Smart and WiFi, it connects to your smartphone directly, or to WiFi if available, and sends the measurement data to the smartphone. Switching from Bluetooth to WiFi and back is seamless and automatic.This makes it child's play to keep an "eye" on the grill food and your steaks are always cooked exactly to perfection. The cylindrical body of the GrillEye has integrated magnets with high adhesive force. This makes it easy to attach the GrillEye to your grill. Control and regulate your GrillEye with the free GrillEye app. Create your own or preset temperature alarms. Up to 100 metres Bluetooth Smart range as well as WiFi as far as available. Alarm when approaching end temperature Actual temperature and set temperature LED display  Large LCD display - displays data from up to 8 grills Preset and user-defined temperature alarms 2 PRO temperature probes included Up to 8 temperature sensors can be connected Parallel temperature measurement of up to 8 grills Integrated adhesive magnets Integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery And it can be even more precise: Rare Medium rare Medium Medium well Well done 2 in 1 probeThe GrillEye PRO comes with 2 professional grade temperature probes. They are made of aluminium, which is usually used in the aerospace industry. Also included are two clips to use the temperature probes as cooking chamber thermometers.One temperature probe, two possible applications: One temperature probe, two possible applications: core temperature measurement of the grilled food or cooking chamber temperature measurement directly above the grill grate!FDA - Food SafetyThe GrillEye temperature probes are so far the only ones with FDA certification. With up to 8 temperature probes, you are ready for any barbecue challenge!Two GrillEye Iris Probe - precision temperature probes - are included with the GrillEye MAX... more are available as accessories. The GrillEye MAX app is also at home on the Apple Watch.Current cooking levels and status messages directly on your wrist!Perfect and relaxed grilling with GrillEye MAX

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