HAEVEN One - desk lamp

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Productivity and well-being at the desk


High-tech desk lamp with minimalist design that actively supports you
As a high-tech product, the HEAVN One combines state-of-the-art technology with minimalist design. The positive light effect is created by the integration of more than 500 energy-saving LEDs. A built-in micro-controller controls the processes and ensures an automated adjustment of the light intensity every minute. An integrated room air sensor continuously measures the CO2 content and thus supports healthy working conditions. In addition, users can flexibly make their own settings depending on their individual needs. For example, the "caffeine button" can be used to activate additional LEDs that decisively increase current vitality, performance and alertness. The "Relax" button, on the other hand, allows the user to adjust the light intensity to achieve an optimum relaxation effect. The light can be operated conveniently via touch buttons or the HEAVN smartphone app.
HEAVN One thus precisely aligns the lighting effect with the natural daily rhythm of people: While supporting alertness and attentiveness during the day, the light creates the best conditions for restful and healthy sleep at the end of the day. Thus, with HEAVN One, the positive, stabilizing and vitalizing effects of light can be used virtually incidentally during daily work at the desk. The creators of HEAVN One have invested years of research in the development of this innovative lighting concept.
Close cooperation with the Technical University of Munich and leading sleep researchers created the world's first lighting solution that optimally combines biological effectiveness with technological innovation.
High-quality materials and first-class workmanship
HEAVN One not only offers innovative technology, but also convinces with a modern, appealing and clear design. This is ensured by high-quality materials such as polished stainless steel and aluminum as well as first-class workmanship. In addition, the luminaire meets the highest ergonomic standards and can be rotated completely through 360 degrees. And last but not least, HEAVN One scores with its sustainable and resource-saving production in Germany.
Quality and sustainability Made in Germany
Enjoy our products from our own production in the Bavarian Mangfall Valley. Local production and assembly of high quality components ensures a product of the highest quality. This is reflected not only in the choice of materials and surface finish, but also in the installed electronics. Only by this we can achieve a convincing light quality for you in every respect, which promises you full performance even after long running times.

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