Wahoo - KiCKR CLIMB - Indoor incline simulator

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Intelligent mountain simulator that guarantees you a realistic riding experience even indoors

The Wahoo KiCKR Climb

Climb and descent simulation
Sync your KICKR, KiCKR Core or KICKR SNAP quickly and directly with the remote control of the KICKR CLIMB. Press the remote button and off you go!

In Unlock mode, the CLIMB can respond to the changed degree of incline from external sources, such as Zwift or TrainerRoad, or from your bike computers, ELEMNT BOLT or ELEMNT ROAM GPS.
Lock mode ensures that the KICKR CLIMB only responds to instructions from the remote control.
When synced with a KICKR, KiCKR Core or KICKR SNAP, the KICKR CLIMB adjusts to the changing degree of incline from select training platforms, such as The Sufferfest and Zwift, to ensure a truly spectacular riding experience. Whether you're riding a virtual track or performing a structured workout, the KICKR CLIMB changes both the degree of incline and resistance to help you get more out of your workout.

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