LightAir CellFlow - Mini

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Reduces fine dust, mold spores, pollen, allergens.
Clean air for home and workplace thanks to the combination of ionic technology and Eco Filter

LightAir CellFlow - Mini

CellFlow Mini is an air purifier that combines the proven ion technology of the Ion-Flow devices with a special filter. The result is a small, compact and portable air purifier.

Designed to perfectly clean the air from the most common pollutants especially in smaller rooms, such as bedrooms or children's rooms. CellFlow Mini has a compact design for easy placement in your home and is small enough to take with you when traveling.

Combined with the very low noise level, CellFlow Mini will not disturb your sleep.
Air, always free of pollutants - no matter where you are.

CellFlow Mini is suitable for rooms up to a maximum of 20 square meters.
CellFlow air purifiers efficiently clean the air from the most common harmful particles through a combination of ionization and the unique eco-precision filter.

Ionization means that the particles in the air become negatively charged, while the eco-precision filter becomes positively charged. In this way, particles are trapped in the filter very much like a magnet. The Eco Precision filter is sustainably made from recycled materials and lasts up to three times longer than traditional filters.

The filter can be washed out several times and used for up to 18 months. Replacement filters are available as accessories.
Conventional air purification solutions only filter particles larger than PM0.3.

The most dangerous particles in indoor air, however, are much smaller. Therefore, conventional filters can only remove about 10% of harmful indoor air pollution.

CellFlow technology efficiently cleans your indoor air of up to 99.9% of all pollutants such as fine dust, pet allergens, pollen, mold spores, smoke, and more.

Particles as small as PM0.1 are still captured.

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