MEURAL Digital Art Canvas II - 27 Inch - Smart Picture Frame

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The "window" to your paintings, photos and the art museums of the world....

The Meural Canvas II

Digital painting frame with 27 inch display
TrueArt Technology - this unique blend of specialized hardware, firmware and software - renders paintings naturally, vividly and with varied surface texture.
"A magical painting that changes its content.... Almost Harry Potter Like and in the blink of an eye."
The rendering of the brush stroke of famous paintings by great artists is amazing.

Horizontal or vertical
The Meural Leonora's digital canvas automatically detects orientation and offers appropriate images accordingly.
Made of American poplar, Leonora combines a modern aesthetic with artful design and sleek angles. 
It is named after Leonora Carrington, a surrealist painter, a founder of a pioneering feminine symbolism.
You control the Meural Digital Art Canvas by hand gestures, with the app, or via the web.
Just the way you want it right now.

SD card slot, USB and Ethernet port are easily accessible on the Canvas II.
Meet the artists!
With a simple hand gesture, you can access info about the artist, year of creation, and more for each painting.

The Meural Digital Art Canvas makes you curious for more...

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