NUKI Smart Lock

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Welcome home: Turn your smartphone into a smart key.
It opens the door for you when you come home and locks it again when you leave

NUKI Smart Lock 2.0

Security, convenience and flexible draught control for home and business.
The NUKI Smart Lock 2.0 opens your door when you come home and locks it again when you leave.
With the Nuki app you can easily create and manage individual access permissions.
No matter if tenant or owner.
Turn your smartphone into a key and invite family members, friends or even your cleaner. Up to 200 authorizations can be assigned once, permanently or for a limited time. Lost keys are a thing of the past. Tedious key management, employees standing in front of locked doors or unlocked entrance doors overnight rob you as a company of sleep? Choose Nuki and digital access management anytime and anywhere.
Features and functions
Unlock and lock the door
Unlock and lock the door lock simply by swiping on your smartphone or via a connected smartwatch.
If you have Auto-Unlock enabled, the Nuki Smart Lock detects your phone nearby and automatically opens the door without you having to lift a finger.
Lock 'n' Go
When you leave your home and want Nuki to lock behind you, just press the Lock 'n' Go function. Either with the Nuki app or directly with the button on the Smart Lock.
Access permissions
Manage access permissions for your family, friends, guests, do-it-yourselfers or babysitters - permanent, recurring or one-time.
Locking protocol
If you want, the Nuki app can also seamlessly record who opened or closed your Smart Lock and when.
Smartwatch integration
The Nuki app is also available for the Apple Watch and Android smartwatches. Open and lock your door lock conveniently from your wrist.
The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 can be easily attached to the inside of the door over the existing lock cylinder and key. 
Depending on the height of the cylinder, the Smart Lock is clipped to it, or glued to the door. The key is turned once you have configured your Smart Lock with the Nuki app.

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