PhiGolf WGT - Smart Home Golf Simulator

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3D motion analysis: speed, stroke technique
Optimal for training and optimizing stroke and swing technique

The PhiGolf WGT

Smart Home Golf Simulator - WGT Edition
You can enjoy PhiGolf on a smartphone or tablet, Android device or iOS. You can even play the game on a large TV or smart TV by simply mirroring the app to the TV. PhiGolf is even available on Apple TV.
Accurate analysis of any type of swing
PhiGolf analyzes and provides on the 3D view all types of data needed for swing coaching - head speed, swing path, tempo, face angle, angle of attack and estimated distance.
Golf Swing Analysis

PhiGolf's unique putting line analysis.
You can see the line you made. With PhiGolf's unique putting line analysis, you can learn how to find the right putting line and practice to increase consistency.
Stroke game
Play a game with your friends or family on a real 18-hole course. You can play a round of 3 holes and up to 4 players can play a round of golf.

Driving range mode
Driving range mode allows you to select a club and distance to practice swinging or putting.

Nearest mode
In Nearest mode you win the game if your ball is closest to the hole. In this game mode there is no limit to the number of players or attempts.

Online multi-game
You can play games with users in other countries. Play a game on the match list or create a match room with your friends to enjoy online golf.

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