PRAEP Pods - Balance Training | Valentina Höll Edition

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Balance Pods inspired by Valentina Höll


Valentina Höll - Vali - is Austria's fastest woman on a bike and at the age of 19 she has already had an incredible career. A building block of her training and recoveries after a serious accident: PRAEP Pods.

The PRAEP Pods are the ultimate balance training for more joint and ligament stability, strength, mobility and reaction.

The individual instability of the Pods brings a completely new stimulus to your leg training. Position them according to your needs: Whether skiing, tennis, surfing, biking, soccer - The Pods are just right for mobile joints, strong ligaments and more strength from ankles to hips.

Compact and interactive thanks to its own app. Proprioception in pocket size. Just hop on and go.

Instability is built right into the pods: Just hop on and go! In addition to your balance, you can train your reaction with the free Pods app. Effective workout that's easy to take anywhere because the Pods are barely bigger than 2 apples.

  • 100% rugged proof for any surface
  • made of solid TPE / aluminum
  • Loadable up to min. 250 Kg user weight
  • compact dimensions (130mm x 130mm x 110mm)
  • suitable for all shoe sizes!
  • plastic-free packed

Unlike conventional balance boards, the feet and legs are decoupled from each other. Thus all muscles, ligaments and tendons are involved. Furthermore, the balance feeling is enormously promoted. Whether downhill, enduro, trail or bike park the feet, joints, knees and thighs get with the PODS the perfect training tool for preparation. All loads are simulated in a compressed manner. Instability is the key to holistic training to strengthen the deep muscles. Valentina Höll was involved in the development of the PODS.