PRAEP ProPilot - Core Trainer

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Core Training on a new level - not only for bikers

PRAEP ProPilot Core Training

Ready mounted !

The ProPilot® takes your core training to a new level! Three different difficulty levels challenge your deep muscles from the hips to the wrists. The ProPilot app turns your workout into interactive gaming and motivates young and old.

The ProPilot has 3 different standing areas that can be individually adjusted depending on fitness and training intensity.

1. in BeginnerMode the ProPilot® stands relatively stable on a flat surface. Perfect for getting started with training. Push-ups and planks on a handlebar have a decisive advantage over normal ones: there is less strain on the wrists because there is no "bending". Especially for athletes who have problems with the carpal bones, this is a way to be able to do push-ups again.

2. the AdvancedMode is more demanding. Here the ProPilot® balances on an edge, creating lateral instability. In contrast to normal planks or push-ups, the core muscles are constantly engaged in balancing. This trains the deep muscles in particular.

3. in ProMode the ProPilot® is only on a hard point. This 360° instability can be compared very well with trail riding. You roll over edges, look for the lines between big rocks and try to maneuver safely through root carpets. From the thighs to the wrists, the entire deep musculature is working at full speed.


ProPilot Core Trainer

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide
  • Loadable up to min. 150 kg user weight
  • Clamps for Ø31.8mm or Ø35mm handlebars
  • Smartphone attachment by magnet in Pro Mode
  • compatible with all smartphones with gyroscope sensor
  • Praep® sticker kit
  • plastic-free packaging

Praep® 318 Moto handlebar

  • 6061 aluminum
  • width 780 mm
  • Clamping 31.8 mm
  • Rise 20mm
  • Backsweep 9°
  • Upsweep 4°
  • Moto - Praep® Moto Grips

LockOn Bike Grips

  • 135mm
  • plastic-free packed