QardioBase 2 - Smart body composition monitor with WiFi connection

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Long-term evaluations with medical accuracy: Smart technology for your well-being.
Body analysis scale with target function and unique modes

QardioBase 2

from Qardio
QardioBase 2
is a smart and wireless body scale and body analysis scale with smart functions.

The QardioBase 2 measures weight, calculates BMI and automatically tracks changes in your body composition (muscle, fat, bone).

Daily measurement results are a start... but long-term analysis is the key

QardioBase 2 helps you to save all measurements and readings for the long term and display them in clear graphs. Goals you set and friendly reminders keep you on track.
QardioBase 2 automatically recognizes the different members of your household and family.
In addition, it is possible to share QardioBase with an unlimited number of users - for example in hotels, fitness centers or a spa.

QardioBase 2 also offers a special pregnancy mode for expectant mothers.
With the Smart Feedback feature, you'll get instant trending so you can focus on your long-term goals.

No irritations due to daily fluctuating readings!
A haptic feedback (light vibration) tells you that the measurement is done - and a smiling smily tells you that you are still on track.

Smart Modes

  • Standard - your weight in kg, lb or stones
  • Pregnancy - from conception to birth
  • Smiley - target function - follow your trend
  • Gym mode - ideal for semi-public areas like hotels and fitness areas

QardioBase integrates seamlessly with the Qardio product family. All QardioBase, QardioARM (blood pressure) and QardioCORE (heart rate and ECG) readings are managed with the Qardio app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android smartphones.

You can share your measurement data with your loved ones or directly with your doctor.

QardioBase syncs with the Qardio App via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0.

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