Soraa Healthy MR16 GU5.3 - ZeroBlue LED - 7.5Watt Flood 36°

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7.5 watt spot - ambient LED with ZEROBLUE technology
Ideal for bedrooms, relaxation rooms and SPA areas

Soraa Healthy Flood

MR16 GU5.3 - 120V, dimmable - set of 2 pieces
The measure of all things: the sun

Our sunlight contains all colors of light.
With the help of a prism, all colors of light can be fanned out from the white sunlight and made visible.
This colored light band is the spectrum of visible light, each color on it is a spectral color.
These colors are distributed in their visual brightness evenly and without gaps across the spectrum.

At the same time, the color blue prevents the formation of melatonin and keeps us awake.
What is desirable during the day, however, can lead to sleep disturbances later in the evening.

The SORAA Healthy therefore suppresses the blue component in the spectrum and creates a pleasant feel-good light.
Unlike conventional light sources, the spectrum of a Soraa Healthy LED is without gaps except for the color blue.

Soraa Healthy is the only ZERO BLUE ™ LED light. Natural white light WITHOUT blue color component. A breakthrough in LED technology that helps you get the sleep your body craves.

Standard LED lights, on the other hand, permanently emit almost invisible blue light. Especially in the evening, when you use light the most, this invisible blue light inhibits melatonin production and makes it harder to fall asleep.
Soraa Healthy provides beautiful, soft, white light that works just as well in living rooms as it does in bedrooms or wellness and spa areas. Because reducing blue light in the evening is so important, use Soraa Healthy in any room where you or your family typically spend the evening and nighttime hours.

Although many LED light manufacturers claim that their LEDs are dimmable, not all dimming is equal. Poor quality LED lights may buzz at low power or visibly flicker once dimmed. Soraa Healthy dims smoothly and looks great at any power level.

The annoying buzzing you hear with some LED lights will not occur with Soraa Healthy. SORAA uses high quality materials and a special design for absorption. SORAA tests at every power level to make sure there is no hum even when dimmed.

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