Valkee HumanCharger Wireless Headset

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Anti Jetlag and Anti SAD - without side effects!
Light therapy on the go and at home - anywhere and discreetly.

Valkee HumanCharger Wireless Headset

3rd generation of the popular HumanCharger, now wireless incl. music and sound playback.
The HumanCharger sends UV-free, blue-enriched white light, through the ears directly to light-sensitive areas of the brain.

Modern man extends his days up to 24 hours, we live through the night and often travel to other continents with different time zones. Our natural, internal clock is therefore often at odds with modern lifestyles. In addition to fatigue and reduced perceptiveness, mood swings often occur.

For winter depression (SAD), light therapy has also been a recognized form of therapy for two decades. Light therapy is therefore also effective for conditions that trigger mood lows, such as jet lag and burnout, or PMS symptoms.
The eyes are not the only way to transmit light to the brain. Valkee uses an entirely new form of therapy: light is delivered to the brain through the ear canal (where the top of the skull is thinnest). The brain has light-sensitive sections. Valkee puts the light where it needs to be - in the brain.

Light applied directly to the brain through the ear canal stimulates its activity. This is effective for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) also called "winter blues", but also effective against sleep disorders and other physical rhythm disturbances like jetlag.
With the integrated Bluetooth module you can - if desired - listen to your favorite music while relaxing or you can also use the headset to make phone calls.

The common symptoms of winter depression such as fatigue, anxiety, weakened cognitive performance, poor sleep quality and uncontrolled eating behavior as well as the symptoms induced by jet lag have been studied in clinical trials with the Valkee. 

It works!
In clinical trials, the light of the Valkee cured 9 out of 10 people suffering from severe forms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or "winter depression" - a revolutionary result. 

The duration of recovery from jet lag symptoms could be reduced by up to 50%.
No more lengthy sessions in front of the usual light lamps! With the Valkee, an application of 6-12 minutes is enough to replace the required daily dose of light. 

Small and always with you
You can use Valkee wherever you want. Valkee is so small that you can use it, for example, in the morning while driving to work. You have it with you just like your cell phone.

Natural and safe
Valkee increases the light supply to the brain. It is safe to use and a natural way to increase your energy level. Valkee replaces the mood-enhancing effects of the sun.
Light therapy is effective for jet lag and so-called winter depression (SAD). 

Valkee especially alleviates symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, and reduced cognitive performance that are typical of jet lag and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

What time of day is best?

The free Jetlag App determines the optimal time for light treatment based on your flight data.
70% of users attested to the best results with a morning application, while 30% favored the evening. Start using Valkee in the morning, preferably 30-60 minutes after waking up. If you do not get good results within 3-5 days, use the Valkee 1-2 hours before going to bed.

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