Wahoo Fitness KiCKR CORE

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10-Speed Indoor Bike Trainer. Official Turbo Trainer of Team Sky
The world's first smartphone-powered bike trainer with realistic riding experience


With Bluetooth Smart 4.0 and ANT+ FE-C
The KICKR CORE is the latest addition to Wahoo's line of smart stationary bike trainers. It offers a realistic, accurate and quiet indoor training experience by drawing on the proven flywheel technology and advanced algorithms of Wahoo's legendary stationary bike trainers.
The new KICKR bike trainer features a redesigned gear and belt system with reduced noise from friction and vibration, producing just 61 decibels. 
The only thing you hear is your heartbeat, not the sound of your machine.

Durability for the professional class
The KICKR CORE stationary trainer is built with the ability to withstand the rigors of all your workout sessions. No other brand of smart trainers can boast more app and software training options like Zwift and Trainer Road.

Power galore...
With over 2,000 watts of resistance and impressive durability, you're guaranteed to get all the benefits from your indoor workout. Never worry about your KICKR's limits again, only your own.
Using special software from TrainerRoad, customized workout plans are used to continuously improve your workout performance. Each workout is readjusted to the current fitness level. Race simulations additionally stimulate the athlete to more training sessions and thus to even better performance. And there's even more animation thanks to the free Kinomap Marker app. With this, well-known race tracks and circuits can be recreated almost anywhere in the world. Drive through the Brandenburg Gate or up to Alpe D Huez? Everything is possible.
The Power Trainer KICKR Core from Wahoo Fitness enables a monitored, realistic home workout that is a lot of fun and leads to better performance. 

NOTE: Assembly to a certain extent is required. The KICK CORE does not come with a cassette or wheel block. These items can be purchased separately.

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