Wahoo KICKR Direct Connect

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The Perfect Network Adapter for all KICKR Power Trainer v5

Ethernet - Adapter from Wahoo Fitness

Only compatible with the latest KiCKR V5 (WFBKTR120)!
No more worries about your Bluetooth or ANT+® connection dropping out during your virtual races and online group rides!

KICKR Direct Connect provides a wired solution from your KICKR Smart Trainer to your home network.
To prevent damage to the Direct Connect pod or your KICKR, Direct Connect features a wired connection that is durable enough to stay attached during normal use, but easily disconnects if too much pressure is applied.
Direct Connect is based on Multicast DNS and offers a simple plug and play solution to always be online.

APP Compatibility
KICKR Direct Connect is compatible with The Wahoo SUF Training App, Trainer Road, Fulgaz, bKool and RGT Cycling and more third party apps coming soon.