Wahoo - KiCKR HEADWIND - Indoor headwind simulator

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Intelligent fan that guarantees you a realistic driving experience even indoors

The Wahoo KiCKR Headwind

Headwind makes the difference
Adjustable to multiple speeds, the KICKR HEADWIND's vortex fan can generate wind speeds like those achieved when racing down an open road. This provides the cooling effect of high speed as needed to still feel comfortable during the toughest indoor workout.
KICKR HEADWIND can be directly synchronized with smart trainers in addition to compatible workout programs, heart rate monitors and speed sensors to perfectly adjust the intensity of the workout session. The speed of the fan automatically adjusts to your efforts. Or simply adjust the fan manually to control your ideal fan speed yourself.
The KICKR HEADWIND's targeted airflow model is designed to direct the fan's airflow directly at your body, right where it's needed most. In this way, the fantastic feeling of being on the road is achieved indoors.

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