Yoga Board

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A feeling like on the water - but on land

The Yogaboard

Surf-Feeling Yoga - the balance board with curved underside
The Yogaboard is a balance board that requires balance during exercise due to its curved underside, thus intensifying all your exercises.

It convinces with its innovative hollow construction and a light weight of 11kg at a length of 178cm.
Depending on the surface and the thickness of the base, the balance effect is stronger or weaker, making it ideal for beginners as well as professionals.
This is what yoga teacher Shida Pourhosseini says.
"Exercising with the yogaboard works the deep muscles, so it strengthens the core muscles and is super efficient for strengthening the pelvic floor. Through the balancing act, it serves improved joint stability, promotes coordination and posture of the body. Plus, while balancing, you have to stay super focused and can't think about anything else - it naturally sharpens your focus.
But don't forget: It's really fun to train on the board!"
Whether you're a yogi, surfer, runner, or simply looking for a balanced fitness workout

The Yogaboard provides efficient training effects while serving all fitness sports. It playfully catapults your training to the next level - with lots of fun and a proper motivational kick included.

"Due to its instability, the Yogaboard addresses the depth-stabilizing muscles and is perfectly constructed: Not too wobbly, but still sufficiently unstable to provide a challenge. The board serves all sports where balance is necessary: surfing, cycling, but also running." (Marcel Doll, MA Health Management and Prevention, personal trainer, studio owner)
"After the workout, you stand more upright and stable because you have to keep your balance and poise the whole time. You don't target individual muscles, but all muscles are used. Especially bodybuilders with their distinctive musculature, are soaking wet after a few minutes on the board - because the whole musculature is working and that consumes a lot of energy and therefore a lot of calories." 
(Katharina Brinkmann, MA Health Management and Prevention, Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner)
In the production of the yoga board, the manufacturer Strobel & Walter relies on durable and environmentally friendly raw materials - because the two founders want to guarantee high quality as well as conscious sustainability.

Production takes place in Wiesenbronn, Bavaria, near Würzburg.