DiscCover, the beloved software for creating CD/DVD projects, provides the complete toolset you need to create  perfect looking CDs/DVDs including multipage booklets, inserts, cases and more.
DisCover vow comes as DiscCover 3 with many new features and a streamlined workflow and user interface.

What's new in Disc Cover v.3.0 since 2.3.3

Version 3.0 features the following enhancements:

  • 140 new template kits added.
  • 30 new collage templates.
  • 20 LightScribe templates.
  • 15,000+ new clipart images (Retail Edition only).
  • Industry-standard barcodes added — Code 128, EAN 13, EAN 8, UPC-A, UPC-E, DataMatrix and QR.
  • Added File Data fields for merge printing information as serial numbers and so on.
  • Video Tutorial window added.
  • Added support for Multi-Touch trackpad gestures on supported computers.
  • Improved QuickLook performance. Disc Cover documents now open faster in QuickLook.
Multi-Page Booklets
  • Added a multipage booklet element for CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs.
  • Support for Master Page layouts.
  • Imposition automated so that the pages of the booklet are in the correct order when folded.
  • Duplex printer support.
New Assistant
  • New task-specific categories for thematic projects, such as Wedding, Travel, etc.
  • The revamped Assistant interface lets you preview multiple designs at once, and quickly browse through the designs.
  • Added a Search field to search the designs by name.
  • Added the ability to access and delete custom templates right from the Assistant.
  • Improved the way Assistant works with Expose.
Advanced Importing
  • Video import from iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD projects or QuickTime compatible files. Frames from the video can be used in the design.
  • Added the ability to get lyrics for imported songs from iTunes or the Internet.
  • Improved iDVD import. Apart from the names of titles and chapters, the program now lets you view videos included in the project.
  • The improved Custom Format editor adds new fields and separators to customize the way imported texts look.
  • Folder sizes can now be displayed when importing data from Finder.
Design Tools
  • Introduced vertical and horizontal guidelines, which can be locked/unlocked and can differ in color.
  • Vertical Text tool added.
  • Circular Text tool got a new floating panel for the editor, allowing for more control over text input.
  • Vertical ruler added.
  • Improved image cropping with the new In-place Crop mode.
  • Added customizable Smart Guides, which help to snap objects to their edges, centers, or both.
  • Text can now flow around objects, such as pictures or smart shapes.

Morpher - The foldable bicycle helmet

Always there, always safe! The foldable bicycle helmet that fits in any (hand) bag The Morpher 
Practical bicycle helmet with folding mechanism

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Bluetens Duo Sport

Relax, treat and strengthen!
Relieves muscle pain and tension, trains the muscles, relaxes through massage-like stimulation of connective tissue and blood circulation!
Bluetens DUO Sport For the therapist, sports physician and professional

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Lumos Lite - Bicycle Helmet

Bicycle helmet of the next generation! Cycling safety redefined - at night and during the day The LUMOS Lite
Bicycle helmet with front, taillight

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Bluetens - Surf Gel-Electrodes for TENS/EMS

Relax, treat and strengthen!
Relieves muscle pain and tension, trains the muscles, relaxes through massage-like stimulation of connective tissue and blood circulation!
Bluetens Surf-Electrodes
6 surf electrodes for the TENS / EMS device with wireless pack

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