danholt4mac today released an update of it's famous Calories 2 software – the beloved software for tracking nutrition, body weight data and exercises.
Calories 2's youngest incarnation is version 2.8.  This update makes Calories 2 fit for MacOS 10.7 aka Lion. But that's not all! Calories 2.8 now offers more conveniences: New options have been added to retranslate your food database to more languages. French and italian speaking users now have the chance to switch their basic food database to their language by simply retranslating it. All data that has been collected with Calories 2 will be updated and the translated food names will appear.
For our japanese users we have implemented a completely localized online help yet and a japanese translation of the food database will be added soon!

New features and changes of Calories 2.8, an overview:

  • Ready for MacOS 10.7 Lion
  • New: Optional retranslation of the basic food database.
  • New: French translations for food database added.
  • New: Italian translations for food database added
  • German translations of food portions reviewed - can be corrected now by retranslation.
  • New window menu to reopen the main window in case it has been closed by accident.
  • New: Japanese online help implemented.
  • BugFix: Combining food now works in japanese localization.
  • BugFix: Week starting feature in general preferences fixed.

Important hints:

Users of the Mac Appstore-Version of Calories 2 need to be patient some days till Apple Inc. has reviewed Calories 2.8. Please DO NOT install our download version onto your Mac AppStore version! You will run into trouble with the licensing!

The update is free for all registered users of Calories v 2!  Download your 30 day-demo of the new Calories 2.8 today!

Pricing and availability: 
The desktop application Calories 2 is available from danholt4mac as Single-Version for 29.90 USD (+ VAT if applicable) or as Family-Version:  59.00 USD (+ VAT if applicable) and alternatively from Mac Appstore.
Cal2go , iPhone-Client for Calories 2, is available in Mac AppStore für 3.99 USD
Withings WiFi body scale can also be ordered at danholt4mac at 159.00 USD (+ shipping + VAT if applicable). 
Special price bundle: Withings WiFi-body scale + boxed single or family-license of Calories 2 at the price of 175.00 resp. 194.90 USD (+ shippping + VAT if applicable). 

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