danholt is a family company, established 1986.
During decades danholt made an evolution starting as a manufacture of high end hifi , creator of industrial design and innovative software and danholt collected profund know how in all mayor technical disciplines. 

Since 2008 the focus is on distribution and reselling smart life technology products.
danholt is always looking for smart and helpful products - worldwide - and in many cases danholt was one of the first bringing such products to the crowds.

danholt - today, is a highly specialized stockist and autorized reseller for intelligent, smart technology.

Watch the short movie !
A brief intruduction to our services, products, brands.

danholt | Smart Life Technology - the movie

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danholt | smart life technology - all things smart

Smart Home
Security | Comfort | Efficiency

Health & Fitness
Healthcare | Prevention | Therapy


Biking | Tennis | Golf | Soccer - PRO & hobby 

Light & Building
LED | full spectrum | lighting | energy | efficiency | home automation

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