Interior to live in...

Good air quality, free of pollutants and harmful fine dust, lighting that makes your mood shine bright, perfect access to your smart home and great design  - 
ingredients which make your home a recreation resort.

Full spectrum and smart light

Soraa Vivid 3 MR16 GU5.3 - Full spectrum LED Spot, 9W
Soraa Vivid 3 MR16 GU10 - Full spectrum LED Spot - Snap System
Soraa Vivid 2 Full spectrum LED Spot - AR111
Simply perfect light...High quality LEDs with ultra high color rendering index (CRI), perfect gamut and white contrast let you see details you have never seen before.

Air purifier

LIGHTAIR IonFlow 50 - Style
LIGHTAIR IonFlow 50 - Signature
LIGHTAIR IonFlow 50 - Evolution
Air Purifier with ion technology and zero ozone - für best air... Why you should have one: Remove hazardous substances from the air - Remove pollen and other allergens - Reduction of cigarette smoke and smells in general - Redu...

Control panel

sDock Fix Pro s13 - iPad docking station for permanent installations
Eve | rounded cover - Wandhalter für iPad PRO 12,9
sDock Air s10 - iPad wall mount and charger for iPad Air1, Air2 und Pro 9,7
An iPad on the wall...Wall mount, docking station, control panel or table top console - control panels enhancing iPad applications.
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