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Wether, indoor and outdoor climate, heating control, baby- or silver care, cooking and grilling... smart technology has given us many useful things.
A lot to explore, one should be perfect for you.

Heating control

Netatmo - Radiator Thermostat by Stark
Netatmo S+ARCK - Thermostat by Starck
Netatmo S + ARCK - Radiator Thermostats Starter Pack with Relay
Costs money and resources: Energy...Modern, smart heating control provides energy saving, resource conservation and comfort.


Netatmo weather station - Rain sensor module
Netatmo weather station for iPhone, iPad and Android
Netatmo Weatherstation - Mounting kit
Always talked about: The weather...Weather at home, weather on holiday, weather at outdoor activities and sports. Smart devices bring real time weather data into the palm of your hand - anywhere!

Cooking, grilling & BBQ

GrillEye PRO - professional grade meat & ambient probe
GrillEye - 6 Port professional grilling thermometer
GrillEye PRO+ - 8 port professional BBQ thermometer
Perfect grilling with a GrillEye! Do you expect more than "English, medium-dry or charred" from grilling? Then an intelligent grill-thermometer from GrillEye is just right for you. Serve with a grill egg and fry meat, poultry and fish exactly...

Baby care & childhood

ednet. View & Care - Video Babyphone

Art and design

MEURAL Digital Art Canvas Leonora - Smarter Picture Frame
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