Jogging & workout - There are good reasons for a cardio workout: When jogging, running, swimming or cycling - always with the optimal heart rate for endurance, weight loss and blood circulation

Cardio workout or cardio training is considered the most effective and most responsible method of training

Training with the heart frequency in view allows an optimal workout without overload.
Whether professional perseverance training, fit for fun or efficient weight loss (weight reduction) are your agenda - an optimal heart rate it a must!

Typically the heart rate is measured using a chest strap that can be wirelessly coupled to a smartphone or fitness machine using Bluetooth or ANT + technology.

New are bracelets and watches which record the pulse and the heart rate right from the wrist (without chest strap).
Such bracelets and watches have proven as almost good as chest straps, but without the feeling of constriction.
Painless pairing with smartphones or fitness machines via Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and ANT+ are standard and a no brainer.

Wahoo TICKR Fit - Heart Rate Tracker

Wahoo Fitness TICKR Fit

The TICKR Fit is the perfect heart rate wristband
Wireless, with Bluetooth and ANT +
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