We live in and with our environment - all day long!

This sentence may sound banal and obvious but it also makes it clear that "life” is not so self-evident in any environment.

Even though the probability of finding life in the cosmos we also know that life is not possible on most worlds.

This leads us directly to the question of how we view, understand and interact with our environment.

Whether it is about environmental toxins or our social environment - it is all interconnected.

Smart devices allow us to gather measurements and analyses of our environmental conditions that were previously only attainable by professionals.

Nowadays radioactivity or nitrate concentration can be measured with a smartphone.

And instead of having to constantly nag at your children to get them to clean their teeth - including all the resulting social tensions ;-) - you can now let a smart Mom turn the annoying necessity into an appealing competition.

Infrared - thermal imaging - night vision

Seek Thermal Compact - thermographic camera
Seek Thermal Reveal - thermographic camera
Seek CompactPRO FF - Fast Frame thermographic camera
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