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Removes up to 95% of aerosols: allergens, smoke, pollutants, fine dust, mould spores, pollen, bacteria and viruses
Clean air at home or at work - thanks to modern ion-technology - no need for filters and ozone-free!

LIGHTAIR IonFlow - Evolution

Tabletop unit
Lightair emits clean and healthy air...

Lightair emits clean and healthy air...

LIGHTAIR IonFlow effectively removes air particles.
It is especially effective at removing tiny particles that are considered health-damaging.

Smallest particles under a size of 2.5 micrometers and even finer ones at less than 1 micrometer are daily absorbed by our lungs.

Due to their small size, these particles can get deep into our lungs and even reach our bloodstream.
Via the bloodstream, these particles are transported to our entire body.

More than 90% of the particles in common inside air have a size of less than 2.5 micrometers. They remain floating in mid-air for a long time due to their tiny size.

They are nowadays held responsible for a wide range of heart- and cardiovascular diseases, some kinds of cancer as well as allergies and asthma.

Less grave symptoms such as headaches and fatigue can be caused by such particles in the air we breathe.

Efficient, quiet, economical and free of filters and ozone!

  • LIGHTAIR removes allergens, smoke, pollutants, fine dust, mould spores, pollen, bacteria and viruses and more.
  • Especially effective against nano-particles considered particularly harmful.

No filters
  • LIGHTAIR does not require filters or other expendable materials!
  • The particle collector can be cleaned with clean water.

  • As it produces a mere 5 dB, LIGHTAIR is as good as silent.

  • LIGHTAIR needs less than 7 watts per hour, which is considerably less than common air filters require.
  • The low power usage is vital as the filtration should run 24/7.

No ozone!
  • This is the first product that can emit a high level of negative ions without producing a measurable amount of ozone.
  • The amount of ozone emitted while ionizing the air is below the threshold of lab meters and is therefore registered as 0 ppm.
Efficient, quiet, economical and free of filters and ozone!
Clean water suffices...

Clean water suffices...

and your LIGHTAIR is clean and good to go.
Simply clean the particle collector in fresh water and you’re done.
  • The setup is child’s play
  • It’s easy to use and maintain
  • The LIGHTAIR air filter is set up in the blink of an eye.
Simply plug in the power brick with the three-way switch, power it on and let it run 24/7.

LIGHTAIR is made up of just 4 main components which makes quick to assemble.
The particle collector can be accessed easily for cleaning - no tools required!

LIGHTAIR - an overview of the IonFlow 50 series...

Ion generator & Corona needles
The ion generator is the core of LIGHTAIR.
Its patented technology makes the effective reduction of harmful air-particles possible.

The collector
A positively charged aluminum pipe works as the collector that gathers the particles on the negatively charged ions.

Security cage
The included security cage is an ideal solution for any users who are concerned because of the electrical current on the collector or who dislike the electrostatic tingling when touching the collector.

Decorative illumination
The Style, Evolution and Signature models feature dark blue LED-illumination.
These models include a three-way switch (OFF - On - ON+LIGHT)

The Style, Evolution and Signature models feature a stand made of transparent plastic.
The stand included with the Evolution model is shorter and therefore perfect to be set up on a table or sideboard.

LIGHTAIR - an overview of the IonFlow 50 series...
Verifiably effective...

Verifiably effective...

LIGHTAIR IonFlwo 50 air filters employ a unique technology that has achieved impressive results concerning the reduction of particles in the air in different tests.

The devices’ exceptional efficiency and power is related to the ability to create large amounts of negative ions that bind particles.
We are not aware of any other system that can create these amounts of negative ions without producing harmful side-effects such as ozone.

In contrast to conventional air filters, LIGHTAIR does not whirl up the air with ventilators and press it through filters. Instead, it binds undesired air particles to the negative ions and  the electrostatically charged collector then attracts and gathers these, along with their "freight”.
The passive airflow - so called convection - in a room is totally sufficient.

By the way...

The topic of air filtration is complex and multi-faceted and air filters can have different applications:
  • Removing harmful substances form the air
  • Removing pollen and other allergens
  • Reduction of cigarette smoke and smells in general
  • Reduction of mould spores and reduced affliction
  • Reduction of dust in general
  • Reduction of bacteria- and virus-concentration
  • and many more...

Whichever reason is relevant for you now or possibly in the future - the range of possible applications in itself are worth looking into the topic - and owning a LIGHTAIR air filter!

Technical, scientific documentation and a user-guide are available.
Key subjects are:
  • Why negative ions are positive
  • Increased mortality due to fine dust and nano-particles
  • Fine dust and air pollution
  • Lung complaints of nonsmokers
  • Dangerous duo: Fine particles and allergies
  • Heart diseases due to fine particles
  • The impact of diesel-fine dust on coronary vessels
  • The impact of negative ions while driving
  • Increased risk of thrombosis due to air pollution
  • Light- and ion-therapy to cure winter-depression SAD
  • The impact of fine particles in the air on beginning arteriosclerosis and systematic, oxidative stress
  • Ultra-fine particles: Definition and impact on health and pathogenesis
By the way...
Efficient air purifying also in gold...

Efficient air purifying also in gold...

Great for interiors with warm and cozy colors schema.


25 years of research and development

LIGHTAIR was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 2004.
A joint venture of the Swedish company Vitalair and the Swiss Purocell. This joint venture itself brought along 25 years of experience in air-filter-technology.

LIGHTAIR holds the two essential patents for the IonFlow and CellFlow technologies.
These key technologies made it possible to improve the quality of air in interiors of homes, offices, schools, labs as well as in entire buildings of the high-tech- and food-industries at low costs and without expendable items such as filters.

LIGHTAIR - innovation, quality and design.


Technical data:

59cm high, 19cm diameter

2.7 Kg

up to 50 square meter

Sound level: 5 dB

Power consumtion: 

0 ppm, not measurable (analysis-device threshold 0.002 ppm)

EMC (Electromagnetic Quality)

Particle reduction:
Removes particles effectively (size 0.01 - 1.0 μm).
Especially effective with smaller, dangerous nano particles with a size below 0.1 μm.
Also removes significantly larger particles of 1.0 - 25.0 μm.

Negative ion-effect:
19,000,000 negative ions/ccm at 1 cm distance.
250,000 negative ions/ccm at 1 m distance.

LIGHTAIR Ion Flow is a product by LIGHTAIR AB, Sweden

Technical scientific documentation and a user-guide is available for download:
Load documentation...


Technical data LIGHTAIR IonFlow 50 - Evolution

Name LIGHTAIR IonFlow 50 - Evolution
Manufacturer LIGHTAIR
Type EN-Air-Purifier
Aerosole, Schimmel, Pollen, Rauch
Ideal für Personengruppe Universal
Energieverbrauch 7 kWh / 1000h
Farben Weiß
Available variations
  • Gold

    Weight: 2.7 kg

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