Why do women love and need their handbag so dearly?

Once you sneak a peak inside a handbag you will discover:

The bag is far more than just an important accessory.

It is always there, never leaves her side.

It is statement and survival-kit, it is one of the most important objects in a woman’s everyday life:

The handbag.

This insight prompted the renowned French sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann to write a book on just this handbag.

He offers glimpses into the secret and intimate world of the handbag on 200 pages filled with stories and anecdotes.

"The Bag. A Small World of Affections” 

("Le Sac, un Petit Monde d’Amour”)

You feel this is a little over the top?

No way! Once you become aware of all the useful and useless things women lug about in their bags, how long they rummage about in them and how long it can take to find the perfect bag you will have to agree with Kaufmann:

Her handbag can tell many stories about a woman’s life.

Emotions, memories, affections and relationships…

Joy of living and confidence are the ingredients that let our collection of emotions, memories, affections and relationships grow in a positive way - but they are also preconditions that help us turn negative experiences into positive ones.

4 secrets…

for fashionable, fun-loving and confident women.

1. Your love life 2.0

2. Turn the night into day…

3. Party, party, party - with no remorse

4. Sun, sun, sun...

Read more:

The four secrets no makeup bag should be without!

Your love life 2.0

No longer taboo…

Whether small, quiet and discrete or "handy”

Smart technology offers unique experiences in your free time.

Turn night into day

Goodbye hangover and jet lag

Energy-drinks, excess and hangovers

The Valkee light headset

Party, party party

If you want to party and enjoy life, you should always know your limits.

Check yourself before the police checks you - better safe than sorry…

Check your alcohol level on your smartphone with FLOOME

Sun, sun, sun…

Perfect for a nice tan:

Summer, sun and the beach…

but you should know your limits!

This stylish, intelligent bracelet lets you keep an eye on your personal dose of sun.

Too much sunlight lets your skin age, leads to wrinkles and it can cause skin cancer.

The intelligent bracelet can be adjusted to your personal skin type and warns you before you get a sunburn!

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