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QardioBase 2



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Daniel Holtwiesche

Smart body analysis scales measure and calculate: BMI, body fat, water content and muscle mass

For me, a body composition balance is indispensable because it is the more honest Libra! The body weight alone is usually not crucial ... It is much more important to know the body composition, ie the fat percentage and also the muscle content. As these measurements can typically vary from day to day, a smart balance with Wi-Fi and APP connectivity is particularly useful here for two reasons. For one, I do not have to memorize or write down the readings, but they are automatically transferred to an APP. So I see the history of the measured values over days, weeks and months at any time. And secondly, just the longer periods give the necessary overview of the trend - the daily up and down of the readings, however, usually causes more irritation than really helpful.

Long-Term Medical Accuracy Evaluations: Smart Technology for Your Wellbeing

Body analysis scales with objective function and unique modes

The QardioBase 2

from Qardio

Simply put on it - for a happier and healthier self ...

Simply put on it - for a happier and healthier self ...

QardioBase 2
is a smart and wireless body scale and body analysis scale with smart features.

The QardioBase 2 measures weight, calculates the BMI and automatically tracks changes in your body composition (muscles, fat, bones).

Daily results are a start ... but long-term analyzes are the key

QardioBase 2 helps you to save all measurements and readings over the long term and to present them in clear graphics. Goals you set and friendly memories keep you on course.

A balance for the whole family

QardioBase 2 automatically detects the various members of your household and family.
In addition, it is possible to provide QardioBase to an unlimited number of users - for example in hotels, fitness areas or a spa.

The QardioBase 2 also offers a special pregnancy mode for expectant mothers.

A balance for the whole family
Meaningful feedback ...

Meaningful feedback ...

With the Smart Feedback feature, you can immediately track your trend and focus on your long-term goals.

No irritations due to daily fluctuating measured values!
A haptic feedback (light vibration) tells you that the measurement has been made - and a smiling smiley will tell you that you are on the right path.

Smart Modes
  • Standard - your weight in kg, lb or stones
  • Pregnancy - from conception to birth
  • Smiley - Target function - follow your trend
  • Gym mode - ideal for semi-public areas such as hotels and fitness areas

The Qardio App

QardioBase integrates seamlessly into the Qardio product family. All QardioBase, QardioARM (blood pressure), and QardioCORE (heart rate and ECG) metrics are managed with the Qardio App for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android smartphones.

You can share your data with your loved ones or directly with your doctor.

QardioBase is synchronized with the Qardio app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0.
The Qardio App
By the way...

By the way...

We at danholt have been working with smart devices in health and fitness for several years now.

The QardioARM blood pressure monitor convinced us from the beginning.
The QardioCore for measuring heart rate and ECG completes Qardio's product range.

The Qardio app for iOS and Android

Qardio app (available for free from the AppStore App Store)


QardioBASE is a product of Qardio Inc. USA

Technical data QardioBase 2 - Smart body analyzer scale with WiFi connection

Measured and calculated mass
  % Body fat
Modes normal
  Weight only (safe mode for people with pacemakers)
  Intelligent feedback
Weight 3,04kg (6.7 lb)
Dimensions 34cm (13.4 in) diameter
Power supply Rechargeable battery (USB to micro USB charging cable included)
Material Tempered glass with ABS bottom housing
Measuring range 5-180 kg
Units kg (kilograms), lbs (pounds), st (Stones)
WIFI synchronization Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN 802.11 (b / g / n) compatible with WPA / WPA2 security protocols
Requires Bluetooth 4.0, WLAN 802.11 (b / g / n) compatible with WPA / WPA2 security protocols
Measurement accuracy 0.2 lbs (100g) with 4 sensors
Display LED-Display
  Displays weight,% body fat, user selection, expressive icons. Haitian feedback
Compatible with iOS 10.0 or later, Android 5 or newer, Android Wear and Apple Watch and Apple Health. Bluetooth 4.0 required
In the box… QardioBase 2
  charge cable
Name QardioBase 2 - Smart body analyzer scale with WiFi connection
Manufacturer Qardio
Type EN-BodyScales
Available variations
  • Schwarz
    W 34 x L 34 x H 0.23 x 
  • Weiß
    W 34 x L 34 x H 0.23 x 
    Weight: 4 kg

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