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Soraa Snap  filters and screens

For any Soraa AR111 Spots with a reflected beam angle of 9º




The Soraa filters and screens for all MR16 lights with a reflected beam angle of 10º make a quick and easy individual customization of your lighting that will suit your every need possible without requiring multiple illuminants!

Just one light - many options

Screens to increase the light beam:
  • Circular 25°
  • Circular 36°
  • Circular 60°
  • Elliptical 10° x 36°
  • Square 36° x 36°

Filters to shift color temperature (warmth)
  • Color shift 1/4
  • Color shift 1/2
  • Color shift 3/4

Vividness and shadows...

Focussed lighting poses several conditions that manufacturers of LED lights need to meet:
  • A well controlled reflected beam angle of 9 to 60 degrees
  • Exact form-factor - e.g. accurately fitted replacement parts of halogen-bulbs
  • Consistent accuracy of color throughout the entire beam of light
  • Clean and sharply contoured shadowing
The relatively large size of LED lights in the usually small form-factors leads to wide reflected beam angles
Color deviations on the LED light-source are often clearly noticeable in the light beam
Several LED light-sources are usually combined into arrays to maximize the luminous efficiency which creates multiple shadows. This in turn leads to colors and textures being obscured.

The answer to all these issues: The Soraa Point Source Optic
Vividness and shadows...
High Definition (HD) - not just on your TV...

High Definition (HD) - not just on your TV...

The almost perfect crystal structure of the unique Soraa GaN on GaN LEDs makes it possible to work with up to 5 times more current density. This means that the luminous efficiency is up to 5 times higher when compared to other LEDs.

A higher luminous efficiency from a small source means an optimization towards a point source optic.
This is the basis for a perfectly designed optical path.
An ingenious reflector with prismatic precision lenses additionally makes it possible to precisely control the reflected beam angles, while keeping the size of the light-source at a minimum.

Clear, precise and clean shadows lend excellent plasticity and sharpness of contours to any lighted objects.

By the way...

You are working on a more extensive project, are an architect or an electrician?
Please contact us for an individual offer!

Further models - reflected beam angle and color temperature - on demand.
By the way...

About Soraa

Soraa was founded in 2008 in Goleta, California. A team of pioneers and scientists with profound knowledge from around the globe - ranging from mechanical engineering to semiconductor-technology - had a common vision.
A year earlier, in 2007, they had already banked on an entirely new kind of LED technology, different from any previous tech.
At the time, almost all specialists in the industry considered this approach a technical impossibility.

The pioneers had bet on Gallium GaN on GaN technology to create their new LEDs.
Up until this point all LEDs had been fabricated from GaN crystals that had been grown on a foreign substrate. Typically sapphire- or silicon-carbide. Soraa, on the other hand, counted on GaN that is grown on GaN - the same substance. The GaN on GaN technology was intended to increase the luminous efficiency of the LED’s surface. This approach opposed all of the industry’s technical procedures.

However, Soraa’s best brains had what it took to turn this vision into a reality and win the bet:
  • Dr. Shuji Nakamura, inventor of the blue Laser and LED
  • Dr. Steven DenBaars, founder of Nitres
  • Dr. James Speck - U.C. Santa Barbara's College of Engineering
The commitment paid off:
Soraa is now the world’s only manufacturer of LEDs to use perfect GaN on GaN crystals for their products.

One of the founders - Prof. Shuji Nakamura - and scientific head of the company has been awarded the Nobel prize for physics.

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Technical data:

Screens and filters made of high-grade polycarbonate with integrated magnets to mount onto Soraa AR111 Snap lights.

Diameter: 84mm
Thickness: 2mm

The following characteristics are available:

Screens to increase the light beam:
  • Circular 25°
  • Circular 36°
  • Circular 60°
  • Elliptical 10° x 36° (on demand)
  • Square 36° x 36° (on demand)

Filters to shift color temperature (warmth)
  • Color shift 1/4 (on demand)
  • Color shift 1/2 
  • Color shift 3/4 (on demand)

Soraa Vivid LED is a product by Soraa Inc, USA

Technical data Soraa - Snap System AR111

Name Soraa - Snap System AR111
Manufacturer Soraa
Type LED lamps
Full spectrum light
Available variations
  • Circular 25°
    W 8.4 x L 8.4 x H 0.2 x 
    Weight: 0.012 kg
  • Circular 36°
  • Circular 60°
  • Elliptical 10° x 36°
  • Color shift 1/4
  • Color shift 1/2
  • Color shift 3/4
  • Louver 40°

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Recommended accessories for this product

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