Fitness and health: Your responibility

Motivation, analysis and therapy - you decide about your health

Activity, fitness and sleep

Fitbit Alta
Wearable fitness and activity tracker change the behavior...Lose weight, enhancing duration, strengthening the heart or generally live healthier - everything is possible with a little motivation and a little help from smart fitness tracker!

Weight and body analysis

QardioBase 2 - Smart body analyzer scale with WiFi connection
Why you should measure body fat... More and more people have the desire to improve their health and fitness and to get their body into shape. On the way, however, not only the body weight is important, but most important, the composition of the body...

Sleep analysis

dodow - sleep light
Your sleep lab at home Good sleep is essential for a healthy life.


QardioARM blood pressure monitor - wireless
Medisana Blood Pressure Monitor - BU 550 Connect
Measure blood pressure correctly and regularly at home!For best results measure at home. At home you can calm down best and get best data. Smart technology makes it possible to simply store your blood pressure reading for day, weeks, month and years....

Blood sugar

MediTouch 2 Connect Dual Carbon - Blood Glucose monitor for mg/dL + mmol/L
MediTouch 2 Connect Dual - Blood Glucose Meter for mg / dL + mmol / L
Medisana: test stripes for MediTouch 2
Diabetes - a not to be underestimated disease...Smart technology makes it possible to simply store your blood sugar readings for days, weeks, month and years - for long term analysis and observation.

Light Therapy (SAD)

Valkee Human Charger - Anti Jetlag and SAD Headset
Jetlag or SAD!Light in the ear canal can help ...

Electro therapy - TENS/EMS

Bluetens - M-Size Gel-Elektroden für TENS/EMS
Power Dot 2.0 Uno - Smart NMES
Bluetens - Smart TENS/EMS Master Pack
Incomparably good at: muscle strain or muscle fissure and tensions but also fat reduction, skin tightening and body shaping The "secret weapon"... not only for athletes !
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