We need to talk… about the weather

The weather remains unbeaten as the most popular and harmless topic.
But beware! Empty phrases are no longer enough. Successful small talk now requires detailed preparation.

"So that’s it for the summer!”

This phrase might serve for some laughs in a late night show, but in real life it will seem rather mundane.
"It’s far too warm for mid November!”

We all frequently talk about the weather. Usually by reflex, without sparing one thought for the meaning of our statements.
But once in a while we are more thoughtful.
But we are always convinced: "It’s far too warm for mid November!”
Such sentences have made the beginnings of conversations with strangers easier for decades…

In 1660 Otto von Guericke recognized the correlation of dropping air pressure and approaching thunderstorms.
The invention of thermometer, barometer and hygrometer and their incorporation into a weather station made it possible to approach the topic with comparable, objective data.

Nowadays, everybody is talking about streamlines movie from the weather report.
They can tell us whether we need to get our umbrella out at 9:15 or 9:20.
Visiting online weather portals and viewing their highly accurate three day prognoses is now also normal.

It is now time for what is probably the best invention since the invention of the weather station itself: The Netatmo weather station

Temperature, air pressure and humidity are of course still the basics that any weather station needs to observe.
But smart, intelligent and connectible - these are the ingredients of a truly modern weather station.
  • Air quality - outside or indoors
  • Precipitation amount
  • Wind force and direction
  • Connects to global weather data
  • Long term tracking and analysis
  • Indoor climate
  • and counting…
A smart weather station will turn you into an expert and you will always have something to say.
Even when you’re not at home - it’s all in the palm of your hand.

An overview of the Netatmo weather station and its extensions

Weather station - indoor and outdoor
The Netatmo weather station consists of an indoor and an outdoor module. They measure and monitor:

  • Indoor
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Air quality / CO2 in the air
    • Noise level
  • Outdoor
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Air pressure
    • Air quality (info from surrounding environment stations)
    • Weather (meteorological data)

Optional indoor modules
The Netatmo weather station can manage up to three additional indoor modules to track the air in various rooms.
  • Each module tracks:
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • CO2 in the air

Optional rain sensor
A Netatmo rain sensor can be connected to the weather station, no matter how many indoor sensors are connected.
  • The rain sensor measures the amount of precipitation (rain).

Optional wind sensor
A Netatmo wind sensor can be connected to weather station, no matter how many indoor sensors are connected.
  • The wind sensor (anemometer) measures the strength and direction of the wind, using ultrasound analysis without any mechanical, moving parts.

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