Why you should measure body fat...

More and more people have the desire to improve their health and fitness and to get their body into shape. On the way, however, not only the body weight is important, but most important, the composition of the body plays a central role.
A qualitative view of the body weight and the components can already be done very accurately at home:
  • total mass
  • fat mass
and also:
  • water
  • muscle mass
  • bone mass
These values ​​influence your health and physical well-being.

Especially in case of exercise and nutritional programs, changes in the body composition often occur.
Conventional scales record only the total weight of all the above components.
But a weight loss e.g. does not always mean a loss of fat.
On the contrary, often it is only rapid degradation of water or even longer-term degradation of muscle mass.

However, the quality of a weight change can be determined quickly and simply by the body fat measurement.
Modern personal weighing scales with smart technology and app connection to your smartphone allow for the first time longer-term statistics without additional effort.

See your overall weight in relation to the fat mass in the long run over periods of weeks, months and even years, without the typical fluctuations from day to day..
For athletic people, there are also body analysis scales which can determine, besides the body fat measurement, the muscle mass as well as water and bone mass.
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