Koubachi - Smart Life Technology-product overview

Optimal plant care with the Koubachi Plant Sensor - can be used indoors, outdoors or on your balcony or terrace

The green thumb for anyone - developed by the geobotanical faculty at the ETH Zürich

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Do you have any questions?
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About Koubachi

Koubachi introduces the internet of things into the world of plants in your home or garden.
Koubachi develops innovative technology to make plant care easier and better.
The mission: Enable Koubachi users to have the best plant care possible. Anyone should be able to enjoy the advantages of healthy plants while saving time - and soon water, too.

Koubachi is a spin-off of the ETH Zürich. Koubachi combines a future-oriented approach with fun and hard work. Enthusiasm for technology and the world of plants likewise drive Koubachi.

The Koubachi team mainly has an academic background and is recruited from the ETH Zürich and the HSG St. Gallen.

The geobotanical institute of the ETH Zürich is one of the world’s leading sites of research in the areas of ecosystems analysis, conservation biology, vegetation ecology, evolutionary ecology, taxonomy and evolution as well as mycology and archaeobotany.

Our customers about ... Koubachi

Koubachi - Pflanzen-Sensor

Meine Bewertung

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Rudolph, 24.05.2014 - Nicht mehr missen wollen! Also am Anfang war ich ja skeptisch... aber inzwischen bin ich ein absoluter Koubachi Fan. Benutze die Pflanzensensoren nun fast ein Jahr und ernte gerade die Früchte bzw. die Blütenpracht. Meine Orchideen drinnen aber auch meine Bougainvillea die ich in einer geschützten Ecke sogar im Garten habe sind prächtig wie noch nie.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?
 +49 7582 9399935
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