More than half a billion in damage caused by residential burglaries

More than half a billion in damage caused by residential burglaries

Damage caused by residential burglaries in 2015 amounted to more than half a billion euros

Information from the household insurers


The average damage per household after a burglary amounts to approx. EUR 3200,-.


In addition to the loss of valuables or money, there are usually smashed windows, broken doors and ransacked drawers.
The feeling of no longer being safe in one's own apartment or house and the idea that a stranger has ransacked one's most personal and intimate belongings and entered rooms dramatically affect one's attitude to life.
Burglaries can become the cause of profound trauma and sometimes trigger serious psychological suffering.

Reasons enough to seriously consider the topic of burglary protection and to put the costs of appropriate measures in relation to the possible damage.

To avoid unpleasant experiences of this kind, many state criminal investigation offices, security companies and others offer a whole bundle of tips and measures:
New locks, doors and windows, grids, locking bars and much more have been known for years, are more or less effective and more or less suitable for everyday use...
After all, who wants to look through barred windows all the time or unlock 5 locks and additional security devices only when the parcel carrier is standing in front of the door?

Modern technology enables completely new, intelligent solutions.
In addition to the desired security, such solutions offer further benefits and additional comfort.