DoorBird - Door chime

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Security around the house
Intelligent and networked, wireless and with multiple doorbell profiles

IP door chime - Door Chime

Wireless door chime for all DoorBird door stations
The DoorBird door chime is one of the most sophisticated and elegant door chimes on the market.

The ideal complement to any DoorBird door station. 

It can be mounted flexibly in the house on a wall or ceiling. The connection of the door chime to the network can be done via WiFi or via network cable. If the door chime is connected via network cable, it can also be conveniently powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).
The network-based door chime is configured via the DoorBird app. 

In addition to the volume and a variety of ring tones, time ranges can be flexibly set in which the door chime should be active. 

A DoorBird door station can be coupled with any number of door chimes.
But also the door chime supports any number of door stations. A separate doorbell profile can be created in the door chime for each door station. 

The door chime can also operate exclusively via the local network (LAN) if, for example, the Internet connection is temporarily down. 

In addition, a floor call button can be connected to the door gong via a two-wire line and an individual ringing profile can also be stored for this. 

In this way, the resident knows immediately whether the doorbell has rung at the front door or at his or her apartment door.
Front door and floor call
WiFi, Ethernet, PoE
Worldwide configurable via app
Flexible time ranges can be set
Works even without internet
Wide range of ring tones selectable (50+)
Unlimited range
Well audible, hardly visible
Made in Germany

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