Soraa A60 Omni - Full spectrum LED - 11Watt

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96 Watt High CRI light strip, waterproof with 10° optics, 3m with 7000lm

ecosense TROV Flex

4.5 Watt / segment | 2340 lm/m
Take advantage of the latest science and technology with extremely discreet, long-lasting and flexible LED strip lighting.
The all-silicone all-star
The IP67-rated TROV Flex offers premium performance in a discreet design that fits almost anywhere and is impervious to almost anything thanks to its silicone lenses and housing.
High-quality technology
TROV Flex offers unprecedented performance with more than 8100cd CBCP, as well as the versatility of optics and the consistency of 2-stage binning in a movable, flexible system.
Small is Mighty
At less than ½" high and ¾" wide, the powerful and field-ready TROV Flex LED strip offers the smallest form factor on the market, finding space in corners and niches that are inaccessible to other luminaires.
Even more flexibility
With TROV Flex accessories, you can refine your design: flat mounting profiles for perfectly straight installations, adjustable brackets for precise illumination, louvres to minimise glare and dust caps to keep the optics free of dirt.
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