Soraa A60 Omni - Full spectrum LED - 11Watt

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34 Watt High CRI batten luminaire with CRI 90+

ecosense TROV Slim L30I - 48

48" (1200mm) batten luminaire
Finally, a simple and beautiful linear solution that offers excellent value for money while maintaining high quality.
Easy tuning
The integrated 0-10 volt dimmer eliminates the need for an external module. And since no remote driver is required either, you have an amazingly easy-to-install luminaire with always reliable dimming.
Slim but also powerful
TROV Slim rotates in its mounting clips to maintain the same profile no matter how you orient it. High efficiency, high output and the ability to run up to 60 metres from a single feed. All this in a profile less than 30mm in diameter.
Curvy is trumps
Not every bay is straight. That's why there are flexible connectors (accessories) that make TROV Slim just as easy to wind around curves and corners as it is on straight stretches.
Choose really well and not just somehow
The stringency of the uniform form factor and mounting clips for precise placement coupled with the ability to run up to 60m of strip light on a single power supply, TROV Slim gives you a simple installation yet incredibly professional look every time.
  • Integrated 0-10V dimming to 5%.
  • Up to 123 lm/W
  • High output of up to 862 lm/ft
  • Multivolt 120-277VAC
  • 4 CCT options
  • Choice of CRI 80+ (on request) and CRI 90+
  • Flexible connection from luminaire to luminaire
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