Gocycle CX+ | Family Cargo eBike

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Lightweight, portable and joy of driving. The Gocycle CXi convinces with its futuristic, Formula 1-inspired design and its diverse, innovative details. Cargo bike and real family e-bike like no other.

Gocycle CX+

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The One Design DNA®-Philosophy of Gocycle runs through all aspects of the new electric bicycles CXi and CX Family Cargo:
  • Patented side-mounted pitstop heels®,
  • No exposed cables or cables
  • No exposed, greasy parts or Wire spokes
  • Covered disc brakes and easy-to-clean surfaces.
The coherent and coherent design language of the Gocycle CXi and CX clearly stand out from the crowd and ensure immediate recognition.
GoCycle-really in a class of its own.


The brand new Flofit®-Gocycle handlebars bring a quantum leap in ergonomics and comfort. Whether you prefer an upright driving position or a forward racing style, Flofit®Adapts to you.

The handlebars are adjustable in range, height and grip angle, providing multiple hand positions and fingertip operation. The patent pending technology is neatly packaged and sheltered in the handlebar housing, which is provided via an optional quad lock®-Attachment point features. A single screw allows easy access to brake settings and tuning. Exclusively available for the Halo Gocycle CX variant.

WingPillar Frame®
With advanced technology and thoughtful application of high-tech composite materials, the new Wing Pillar Frame is based®Design on the DNA of a Gocycle monocoque chassis inspired by Formula 1.

The Wing Pillar Frame®Has been designed to meet the high load and safety standards up to 220 kg of load required for the transport of goods, children and pets.

But the frame remains extremely light. The rear deck is compatible for MIK child seats and accessories, so multimodal configurations are a breeze.

The ultimate family e-bike. Premium cherry and teak wood is available as an option.

5-speed belt drive
The 5-speed belt drive of the Shimano Nexus hub offers an extended gear range to allow additional loads to be easily transported.

The extremely smooth and high-quality Gates CDX carbon belt drive with the patented Cleandrive®By Gocycle protects the driver, is easy to clean and offers the best aesthetics and usability.

Lightweight and stout
Most cargo bikes are bulky, unwieldy and heavy, making it difficult to stow and maneuver in cramped urban living spaces. The CXi is a bold step forward with its extreme lightweight of only 23 kg or. 50 lbs. It is not just a bicycle, but a portable solution tailored to life in the city. It can be easily stowed in tight spaces and transported effortlessly by cars, boats and mobile homes.

Thus, the CXi becomes the epitome of versatility, comfort and a modern life.

The app
The Gocycle is also supplied with the free Gocycle Connect app™Which allows you to adjust the speed and power settings and which gives you health statistics such as calories burned, performance performed, tour dates and much more…

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